Thursday, 7 November 2013

Throwback Thursday - Birthdays past

Todays Thowback is all about me. Wow. I sound awesome.

Actually, its not all about me. It is my birthday month, and so all week I have been looking back at old photos from birthdays past. One thing with being an expat, is that the hardest times to be away is on special occasions, like a birthday. But, I have to say, that in each new place we settle I have been blessed with amazing friends who have become extensions of my family.

Thanks to all my people.
Love you and miss you


Here are some birthdays in years past.. (Excuse some of the shoddy photos, we are going back quite a while here people)..

Have a wine for me this month y'all!

Us at my 21st birthday dinner - 2006

My 21st birthday party - 2006

Alison and I - 2007

Shane, Rob and I - 2009
Jill and I - 2010
Charlie and I - 2010
Us girls - 2010
We are awesome. That is all - 2011
At our happy place - 2011

Us girls again - 2012

Rob and I - 2012


  1. I love old photos. FYI. And I stalked your FB and now I know when your birthday is. I'll try and remember it in advance. But I'm warning you, I'm very unthoughtful. ;)

    1. Hahaha warning accepted : P I have good intentions but generally fail : )

  2. I LOVE looking through old photos and such. Looks like you have some great memories here.

    1. Thanks! I really have been blessed to meet great people along our journey!
      Sarah x


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