Sunday, 10 November 2013

Wings for Days

Okay, so BBQ wings are like Robs favorite thing. And Jeremy makes the most amazing sauce ever!

...And he promised he would make me the sauce today! Woo hoo!

Now, I totally don't do chicken on a bone. So my lovely friend makes grilled prawns for me to have the sauce on.. What a cool guy!

Here is what he used:

1 poblano pepper
9 serrano peppers
2 jalapenos
2 L bottle of Baby Rays BBQ Sauce
8 gloves of garlic

And, here is what he did:

Blacken the poblano on the grill. *Tip - this increases the depth of flavor in the sauce.
Dice up the poblano, serrano and jalapenos.*Tip - remove the seeds - these are what makes it hotty hot.

Put your stovetop on medium heat.

Throw the diced chilli in a wide, deep sauce pan with a glug of Olive Oil.
Shake some red cayenne pepper into the pan. About seven shakes.

Let the heat reduce the chillis down.

Crush and dice the garlic and throw that in too. 

When the steam that is rising off the chillis and it burns your nostril then add the Baby Rays. Turn the heat down and let the sauce simmer away.

Now you can take this moment to sip some wine, or check your email. The longer you let the sauce simmer, the nicer it is.

This is enough for 3 pounds of prawns and at least 3 pounds of chicken!

So here is where Jeremy battered some chicken wings, and fried them. After he drained them on some paper towels, he threw them in a big old bowl and smothered them in the sauce.

For me, he grilled some big juicy prawns on the grill and then I dunked them in the big pot of sauce. So darn good!


  1. So you're telling me those are prawns I'm looking at down here at the bottom? Because they look finger lickin good.

    1. Lol nope they are the wings - I ate the prawns too quick to get a photo lol


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