Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Home and an Expat extraordinaire!

Hey guys,

So I have been super absent this week.. Here are some reasons why..

Being home is pretty much the bestest thing ever - my heart is so full!

Recently, I was asked to get involved in a great expat blog that is
Chocka full of info about moving to or visiting the states. I am happy to say that (even despite me being super difficult to contact since I got home), the post is live - thanks Dan! I highly recommend you check out his blog, and don't forget to take a look at the interview with yours truly : ) you can links to it...

I hope the lead up to your Christmas is going really well, I am missing checking out all my favorite blogs.. But I am super excited to be back in New Zealand, walking barefoot and not doing much at all : ) 


  1. Great interview! You enjoy every second and think not of us. ;)

  2. Have a great time with your family and Merry Christmas sweet Sarah!


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