Monday, 2 December 2013

Our Texan Christmas

What an amazing 3 days of Christmas! As we slowly recovered from our first Thanksgiving, we had our Texan Christmas. Since we are heading home on Friday, we thought we would have Christmas with our Texan family before we left. We were excited to do some winter Christmas traditions - since we have always had a summer Christmas.

Here is a breakdown of three intense days of Christmas!

We listened to Christmas carols.

We painted ornaments.

His name is Errol.
Rob's trees.
Rudolph and Errol.

We made a ginger bread house.

We made angels.

Her name is Jean.
 We watched The Grinch. And Elf.And Shrek the Halls.

We put up trees. Nine trees. One of the tallest trees I have seen in a house. 

This tree is gigantic.

We fluffed trees. Nine trees.

We trimmed the giant tree.

We made snow. Kind of. Then spent the next two days chasing the the dogs as they tried to eat it.

Snow and reindeers.

I patted a rain deer. Kind of. Well, not really. It was a dog that I was calling Rudolph.

We made hot minty cocktail - recipe coming soon!

We ate. And then we ate some more.

I laughed my ass off at Laurie's Elf on the Shelf antics. 

We exchanged presents. We got the most beautiful gift - Steph and Jeremy made it from scratch! Can't wait to get it on the wall. And I finally got to give Steph her present that I have been working on for ages.

The beautiful frame that Jeremy made, and the photo frames and decorations that Steph made!

Butterflies for Steph

I wore some excellent Christmas jerseys. (Which I had never done because well you know, we have Christmas in summer). 

Only one selfie all weekend!

All  in all, it was an amazing weekend! I feel proper Christmassy now, and can't wait to get into my Kiwi Christmas traditions with my Mama next week.

All finished.


  1. 9 trees? holy smokes!!!
    It looks like it was so much fun though, love it!

    1. I know - my mouth dropped haha but it is Texas haha everything is bigger here!
      It was so much fun!

  2. This is so excellent. All of it. I envy your gingerbread house making skills. Mine usually look like I have the shakes. And wow what a house! Gorgeous.

    1. It really was the bestest little weekend ever, and you know what - I was so damn proud of my housey - it was my first one ever!
      They have a beautiful house - and it looked even more amazing with all those trees!

  3. So incredibly honored to have the Badger family join us for Thanksgiving and all of the help decorating our home.

    1. Yay! You got an account : P thank you so much for having us - as usual it was fantastic!

  4. Oh wow, oh wow, nine Christmas trees... how awesome is that?! Love your present from your friends, and your jersey. Can't quite get used to the fact that it is cold there.... me being a Kiwi an' all (and presently living in South Africa!!). Lovely post to read and look at! :)

    1. Hahaha I know I was in Christmas town! Thanks, I adore them too. It is very weird having a cold build up to Christmas - we were in Perth before this so it was a HOT December, and NZ before that so it was warm - it certainly feels very different!


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