Sunday, 26 January 2014

A, B, C - easy as 1, 2, 3

I saw this on Two Miracles, and thought - yay, that is fun, I need to do that. And so, I did it.

Age 28
Bedsize King... but I miss our Queen, it is way more effort to roll over and cuddle lol
Chores that you hate Vaccuming. Dusting. Taking out the rubbish.
Dogs I love dogs! I really want a Beagle, or a Lab, or a Pointer, or a German Shepard. 
Essential start to your day Morning kiss and cuddle. Cold water. Green smoothie.
Favorite Color Blue yo.
Gold or Silver White Gold.
Height 165 cm.... buggered if I know that in feet.

Instruments you play I play the karaoke mic when I am drunk. That is about it. 
Job title Petrophysicist. 
Kids Hopefully soon, in the mean time I am stealing my sisters bebe.
Live Houston. Texas. Murica.
Mother’s Name Curtain. Or when I learned to pronounce my "S" sounds, Kirsten.
Nicknames Sez. Saz. Sezza. Sear bear. Badgie. Meowie.
Overnight hospital stays A few. Endo stuff.
Pet peeves Some people in our apartment building let their dogs shit in the hallway. Nasty ass stuff.
Quote from a movie or tv show Oh so many. It is so hard to pick. Hundreds just from the Simpsons alone. Then there is any Will Ferrel movie. Or South Park. Gah. To hard to choose.
Right or Lefty I am a righty. But I can give a thumbs up with my left hand. So booyah.
Siblings I have a super awesome sister, who I love the shit out of. Her name is Amy.
Time you wake up Between 5 and 7. That shit is variable.
Underwear Anything cute. I love VS panties. Just saying.
Vegetable you hate I actually don't think I hate any vegies. I don't like celery much, but I still cook with it.
What makes you run late Paralysis by selection. I have dresses, y'all know that. And I love them, but sometimes I just can't decide on a dress... Totally not complaining, but yah, dress choice makes me late.
X-Rays You’ve Had Bloody hell. A lot. I can't remember them all.
Yummy food you make Not to brag, but I can cook like a .... well yeah, I can cook. I'm a roast perfectionist. I can bake a thing or two.
Zoo Animal Red panda. I love a little red panda.

Play the game! Share some more random info with your followers, and get to know some of your blogging pals!

Thanks Mel!

Zeb the Eco Warrior


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Lulu, they are fun to fill in, and I like that it is a fun way to learn a few more things about someone!
      Sarah xx

  2. This is fun! You're 5 feet 4 inches btw. No I'm not smart I googled for you. I spent more time than I should trying to figure out your mother's name. It says Curtain on her birth certificate????? Lol

    1. Oh thanks lol man, that sounds really short :P Lol nope it is totally Kirsten, but when I was a kid I couldn't say it right. I said "curtain" cos you know, I was so cute. I bet it was annoying haha


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