Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Currently, or, My First Two Weeks of Paleo

For those of you who follow my Instagram, you would have seen a definite increase in the color green in the last fortnight.

Here is a super honest and personal confession, (which I try and avoid on this bloggy cos I like talking about the happy things in life)... I am sick of having Endometriosis. Absolutely sick of it. I don't want to be in pain each week, I don't want to be distracted from all the awesome things I get to do in life, I don't want to have to take sick days off work so often, and I don't want to get to 60 wishing that after a life of this that I had tried to do something about it.

And so, a couple of weeks ago I embarked on a pretty major lifestyle change. I went Paleo. After a lot of research into Endo and nutrition, here is where I am.

Today is Day 14 of my Paleo lifestyle. I never thought this was a lifestyle I would adopt, and I never thought I would actually be enjoying it. I am lucky that Rob is already a super healthy chappy, and completely supportive of me, because this would be really hard without his help.

So what have I been doing?

Well, first of all I stopped drinking coke zero. Which I would have daily with breakfast and then at least one other after lunch. So that was a little hard to get used to, but I am way better now..
(Although, as I write this I am in the middle of the most extreme cravings for it I have had so far!)

We got a crock pot and have been trying lots new recipes, here are a couple..
Garlic Stew, Cauliflower Mash
Buttercup Squash Stew

My Instagram has had way too many Paleo hashtags in the last couple of weeks..

I have been drinking green smoothies (this would have been my number one thing I never thought I would do)... I grabbed a recipe here, and have altered it slightly..
You can click here to see how I have altered it and what I do now! I have the prep down to a less than an hour to make a couple of weeks worth.

Yesterday I posted my favorite Green Smoothie recipe, so yum!

And, as weird as it sounds (even to me), on Sunday morning I didn't have one, and I was craving it, so I had one for lunch. I literally never thought I would ever crave a green smoothie. Also, Rob and I had sworn to never eat Kale, in a show of allegiance to non fashionable green veges. But I must say, its good. Very good.

Mmmmm... looks like, well, pond scum. But tastes yum : )

I have been coming up with new recipes, stay tuned to the blog for some yum new things I have been putting together.

I have tried Coconut water, and started using Coconut Oil - a Paleo staple (apparently. I had never heard of it a week ago)..

Rob and I have done three grocery shops and bought no packets. Like, no packets. Everything I have put in my trolley had one ingredient in it. I think that is one of the craziest feelings.

Meat. Veges. Herbs. Oils.

If you know me and my quirks, you know that I just can't do semi solid foods, and haven't eaten eggs for like 10 years. Well, I made myself eat egg this weekend. And I didn't puke. So I am very proud of myself.

I bought a Paderno-Vegetable-Noodle-Slicer-maker-thingy. And used it. The same day. I made Zucchini noodles and made a prawn and vege stir fry with them as the noodles. Oh my, that shit was good. I have been putting Granny Smith Apple through it and stewing it with Cinnamon for dessert. A Paleo friendly treat.

Here is how I have been doing it.

I thought a lot about doing this, and the more annoyed I got with my tummy the more I got determined with this. I also sat down and thought about what things might throw me off the wagon. I came up with a plan to make my way into the lifestyle and try and anticipate things that might throw me.

We have a weekly meal planner up on the fridge with all our meals and snacks for that week. Currently we have two weeks up at a time. I was really worried that because I don't know anywhere I could get Paleo take out, that if we had a night where we couldn't be bothered or didn't have the groceries I would crumble and get a burger. We now know what groceries we need for when. It is a little extra time, but it certainly helps me stay on the wagon.

I have been out to dinner twice since I started this, but before I booked the restaurant, I did lots of research into what restaurants I can eat at and what foods are alright while I am out.

Trying new things
I get bored easily. If I was eating Steak and Broccoli every night, I would cheat and go buy cheese and crackers. I just would. So, we got a crock pot, started googling recipes and started experimenting. We have had more variety in the last two weeks than we have for a long time.

Getting support
As I said above, I am super lucky to have Rob, he is a gem. I also have my family motivating me and sending me recipes, and have friends and coworkers who are encouraging me and even suggesting pot luck meals so they can learn some Paleo recipes too. I have had people from home FB me with support and a blogging bestie texting me. The nicest thing so far, is that none of my friends have told me I am doing something dumb or had a negative reaction. I was really worried, as who knows, I may have been judgemental if someone told me they were doing it. I am pretty blessed.

I have been making my ass read a lot. Books on Paleo, books on Endo, recipe books, Paleo recipe blogs, Endo blogs, health blogs, you name it. Knowledge is power.

Setting Goals
I went cold turkey, but with a small provision. One meal or drinks with a meal each week can be non Paleo. Whether it is a burger or a cocktail or cheese and crackers at a friends place. I need to have that to look forward to.

I have created a Pinterest page with research and recipes I am finding. Also, I have been reminding myself why I am doing this.

Being Patient with Myself
The first few days of this was - very, very hard. Day four was hell on earth. It sounds like an exaggeration, but I googled it, and apparently I got off lucky. Some people detox for 3 weeks. I think most of mine happened in the first week. Nausea, headaches, fatigue and mood swings. Bloody hell, I was crazy on Day 4. I literally cried at New Girl. Not for anything in particular. But just cos.


If anyone is still reading, cos lets face it, this post got kind of long, I appreciate your support, and would love to hear any stories you have. I hope that by putting this out on my blog, and getting real for a minute, that I have another reason to keep going when things get tough.

This is not for me to drop weight. This is not a new years resolution. This is not to join a fad.

This is to stop being in pain.  This is to take my health back. This is to be strong and happy and healthy.

The difference is very important to me.  And it is what is driving me.


  1. I am so proud of you! Applause is coming your way. You really know what you're doing and like you said, knowledge is power. You got this. I promise I'll never mention fast food again. ;) Except for that one last time....

    Oh and you are totally an inspiration. Just saying.

    1. Thanks babe, you are so supportive! OF course, when we finally cross paths, I will have to let the no wine thing slip :P

  2. amazing! love me some paleo. i try to follow paleo for the most part but i really should commit more fully. you're inspiring me :)

    1. Thanks Kerri! Most of it I am loving, there are just a few moments where I could totally go a coke zero, or some cheese... or some wine.. or well, you know haha

  3. Well done Sarah. Lifestyle changes are never easy, but sometimes we just need to take charge and do it. I hope this works for you. Lots of love xxx

    1. Thank you so much, I hope so too, and if not, at least I will know that I am strong enough to try which is pretty cool.
      Sarah xx

  4. Are you feeling better for it, now you're past the horrid day 4?


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