Monday, 27 January 2014

Etsy Love: Strawberry Kisses

My first Etsy list for the year.. And its all about one of my favorite things - strawberries!

I love strawberries because:
Who doesn't?
In NZ they are ripe right about the time of my birthday
They are delish
My favorite kind of cupcake has strawberries in it
If I were a flavour it would certainly be strawberry
Strawberry sorbet is just so amazing

And so, here are my favorite Strawberry picks this week!


I am obviously the biggest fan of bunting. This berry fabric is just killing me with cuteness. Don't you love it? I want to have a baby girl so I can put this up in her room. Or I want to have a garden party. Or a verandah to hang it. Hmmm, maybe it could just go in my wardrobe!

Strawberry Fabric Bunting - BERRIES - Party Decor, Photo Props - 9 FT total
Etsy Store: Bea Unique Designs


I wish I could crochet. I totally can't but my Mama can crochet and so can my lovely pal Leah. I hope they love this - cos I adore it!

Etsy Love: Crochet by Jennifer


Isn't this just the quirkiest and coolest bikini you have ever seen?! I want it now. Except its like freezing here. So maybe in a few months!

strawberry bikini swimsuit (plus size too)
Etsy Store: Sew Oeno


It is no secret that I love needle work. And sewing. And so combine the two and I really love it. This pin cushion is adorable, and this Etsy store is full of cute designs.

PIN CUSHION  with cross stitch strawberries
Etsy Store: Red Pin


I am so loving Washi tape. I wanna stick this stuff everywhere. Can I please just have it all?

Japanese Washi Masking Tape - Strawberry & Cherry - 20mm Wide - 11 yards
Etsy Store: Zakka Lover


I want this for my wall. I love vintage scientific prints. This one is lovely.
Wild Strawberry Antique Botanical print reproduction
Etsy Store: Poster Place


Okay, how amazing is this dress?!

Rockabilly 1950s Strawberry Dress "Levi" with Sweetheart neckline, Button Detail and Bow tie - Custom made to fit
Etsy Store: Pixie Pocket


These pots are awesome. I really want them for my kitchen! Black tea in one pot and green tea in another please.

Etsy Store: Two Dog Designs


This fabric is so cute. If I still had a sewing machine on me, this would be a pinny, or dress, or wee tote bag. I just love it!

Vintage strawberry fabric, YUWA, Designed by Sunday 9am - Vintage strawberry on a white background, fat quarter
Etsy Store: Sewsewnsew


I adore these little muffin cups! They would be perfect for a picnic, or a party or like, a midnight snack, or really, just about anything. In fact, these little beauties make me want to go bake right now!

Red Strawberry With Blue White Little Flowers Sweet Dessert Cupcake Baking Cup Liners (50 QTY)
Etsy Store: Moon Chi


  1. This entire post reminds me of my grandmother! When I was a kid she gave me one of her old aprons that was pretty much in the same fabric as the smaller berry print from that bunting. Naturally my mother still has it. Adorable stuff. ☺️

    1. Oh yay! That is so cool, I love old pinnys! I am glad this reminds you of your Grandmother :)

  2. strawberries > cherries. how cute is all this?

    1. I know right? I just freakin love strawberries. I wish they were in my mouth right now.

  3. Oh I just adore strawberries! The crocheted strawberry and the strawberry bikini are my favorites. Such a good round up!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

    1. Hey Becca, aren't they adorable! I do love this list - I really want everything on it! Will have to show my husband :P


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