Friday, 10 January 2014

Great Cheesey Balls - another family tradition

When I was a kid every Christmas Mum would make cheese balls. And not just any cheese balls, but the tastiest and most savory I have ever tried. Dad always takes a plate to work for his Christmas pot luck, and we always moan that he should just take something else, because we are very greedy when it comes to these spherical cheese dreams.

This year Mum and I made them together, here's how:

Shopping List: 

250 g cream cheese
450 g tasty cheese grated
1 T parsley
6 pickled onions
1 T tomato sauce (ketchup for 'Muricans)
1 T worchestshire sauce
1 t paprika
1 dessert spoon curry powder

First of all, take cream cheese out of fridge to soften.

Whizz pickled onions and parsley till they are finely chopped.

Combine cream cheese, tasty cheese,  pickled onions, tomato sauce and Worchestshire sauce in a bowl.

Clean your hands, and if you don't mind squishy things mix it up. If you are not a fan, put on some gloves.

(Alternatively you can just put all this in a food processor and go nuts, I hate washing food processors, so I kick it old school at this point.)

So, then mix or blend well.

Mix paprika and curry together. Tip* Use a flat dish with slightly raised sides or a bowl so you don't get powder everywhere - cos it inevitably ends up in your eyes.

Roll balls into curry mix. (Note, my sister REALLY doesn't like the spice mix, so she keeps a few balls spice free - to each their own.) Also, the powder doesn't make it hot, it just gives it a fragrant addition to the ballys.

Put in fridge to set (they need at least like, 4 hours to firm up).

These are what they may look like, depending on your ball rolling skills. The one on the left is cut open - because I just couldn't wait!

Pour a white wine, gather hungry ladies, and enjoy the cheese ball on crackers of your choice.


  1. You had me at cheese ball. Whizz? I love that. These look amazing.

    1. She used her whizzer and the food was whizzed.

  2. seriously. cheese balls? i would die but they look amazeballs. see what i did there? hashtag not clever

    1. They make me think of an old Christmas SNL skit. Oh how tasty these balls are. The puns could go on for days. I quite like your amazeballs. I nearly went there, and then was like, better not lol

  3. if you come over and make these for me i'll give you a MILLION dollars! yumyumyumyum

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. I would try and send them through the mail but they might squish :P
      Sarah xx


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