Monday, 20 January 2014

Green Smoothie Prep - two weeks of yum

This is a recipe based on one that I originally saw here, I have altered it slightly as my experience with green smoothies has changed, and when I prep with the amount below it makes me 10-14 smoothies depending on the size of the Spinach and Kale bunches....

I never thought this would seem appealing to me, but now I crave it!

Bulk Vege List
1 bunch of Kale
1 bunch of Spinach
1 bunch of Parsley
1 bunch of Mint
8 Granny Smith Apples
2 big Bananas
2 big Oranges 

Fluid Component
One large can of Coconut water, or if I am out, 2 C of water.

Prepping a bunch of smoothies takes less than an hour. And I find it relaxing.

What I do.

Wash and then chop Kale and Spinach up roughly and place a large handful of Chopped Kale or Spinach into a freezer bag. I do this until there is none left, with the bunches I got on Friday this made 11 bags.

Wash and then chop up the Parsley and divide it into 11 (cos that's the amount of bags) wee piles.
Do the same with the Mint.

Add herbs to bags.

I then add half a Granny Smith Apple to each bag. Each half is chopped in four and I keep the skins on, but I make sure I wash them thoroughly.

I put half a Banana in four of the bags. These ones are now done.

I put half an Orange (or a whole one if they are small) in four more of the bags. These ones are now done.

The remaining bags I put 4 Strawberries in each, washed and cut in half. These are now done.

In the morning, I throw a can of Coconut Water into my blender and one of the smoothie bags. I set it to chop, to get through the large frozen chunks, then liquefy. And Voila! A super yum and healthy breakfast. On a Saturday I enjoy it slowly, and on a week day I take it in a tumbler to work.

I am so glad I started with the Coconut Water, it is an injection of nutrients, and it gives it a great flavor.

I like variation, so I use a few different fruits, that way I can choose whether I want Orange, or Banana or Berries. But you can limit this if you want, its up to you... Enjoy!!


  1. I can't even comprehend the healthy-ness levels here. I tried to make a smoothie for D so he could get some veggies. He emphatically shook his head in the negative. Kids.

    1. Hahaha it is pretty crazy when I think of the differences! Lol kids are funny, I have a new potential idea for you.. as long as they don't see you making it - Cauli flower mash - tastes and looks like mashed potato. Boom.

  2. Sarah- my first time here, and am enjoying reading your thoughts! Like many, I'm trying to incorporate more fruits and veg into everyday life, and was interested in your post. Brava- you've simplified yummy smoothie making into a very manageable, low stress process- prepared ahead of time, ready to whiz up in the morning. When you prepare your "bags"- do you freeze ALL the contents of the bags- I freeze fruit all the time for smoothies- but does the spinach and kale freeze well in order to use them for smoothies? Spinach and kale tend to go off quickly at our house, if not eaten/used within a few days.... Frozen spinach looks OK to use in cooking or baking, but smoothies....? Dunno... Wanted to hear your thoughts.... Thanks!

    1. Hi Virgie! Thanks for coming by, I hope you like it and stay awhile : ) Having them all done definitely helps - to answer your question, I freeze everything at once. I had my doubts about freezing the veges without blanching them, but they seem fine. The longest I have had them in the freezer for is two weeks, although I have seen other websites that have said they have frozen them for a month without an issue. The latest thing I have started doing is to bag up any unused spinach/kale/lettuce at the end of the week as a base for my next round of smoothies. I am really happy to have started doing that because I hate wasting food, but there are always small amounts of veges left behind. Also, if bananas go brown I will cut them up and pop them in a bag so that they start the base of a smoothie. Saving food, money, and increasing the smoothie stores!
      Sarah x


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