Wednesday, 29 January 2014

New Year, New You Giveaway

To celebrate the New Year, the lovely Brittney from True Vintage Love is hosting a giveaway to get your bodies started right for 2014. I am sure y'all would have heard of  the Advocare cleanse - it is so popular at the moment for giving your body a kickstart towards whatever health goal you might have.

So, if you feel like making some new friends, you can sign up to follow some new blogs below, and go in the draw to win a cleanse! Here is to a healthy start to the New Year!

From the lovely Brittney!
I've been wanting to try this Advocare Cleanse ever since Skinny Meg talked about it (& had great results by the way!) and I know so many others have talked about wanting to try it too, but it's out of budget for them. Well... a handful of lovely bloggers and I are here to save your day! THREE lucky winners will get an Advocare 10 Day Cleanse pack! So many people have had amazing results with this!

What is the 10 Day Cleanse? It's a GENTLE cleanse to rid your body of toxins and waste you've been holding up. Think of it as a great start to weight loss, or to get over a plateau. This is NOT to help you lose weight, but to help your body help you lose weight. Does that make sense? You hold so many toxins and extra bloat from bad things you eat. Think of it as changing an AC filter. You have an AC that runs great, but the vent is holding in all this crud that needs to go away in order for it to work right/blow well. When you replace the filter, you get rid of the crud, letting the air flow better. When you cleanse yourself, your digestive system works better and so does your metabolism. I have the weirdest ways of explaining things, ha ha! You can read more about the cleanse here.


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