Saturday, 15 February 2014

A Year in America

I can't believe it has been a year already. We have had such an amazing time here. With only a year to go we still have lots of things to tick off of our bucket list, but we are making progress. Here is our One Year update! To see the 6 month progress see here, or scroll down to see what we have been up to...
Items in BOLD are done and dusted, items that aren't are hopefully happening in the future.


New York - June

Chicago - July

Austin - March

Hill Country, TX - April
Las Vegas - September

San Antonio - Planned for April 2014

Seattle - Planned for September 2014

San Francisco - Planned for September 2014

Portland - Planned for September 2014

New Orleans - Going for Mardi Gras next month!

Dallas - Planned for the Cowboys v Eagles game at the end of the year

Boston - Maybe December for Robs birthday

San Diego



Georgia - Wanna see where my Pal Jeremy is from!

So, our State list to date:
New York


Twinkie - yeah no I can't bring myself to do this. But Rob tried one. I think he liked it, he had three more right away, but hasn't touched them since. 

Deep Pan Pizza - had a Deep Dish in Chicago. OMG. Amazing.

Pasta in Little Italy - like, the best Pasta ever. 

Hot Dog - I had a a "dog" at the Cubs game, they very proudly serve it with no Tomato Sauce, only mustard and pickle.

Sweet Iced Tea - 

Lemonade - like, the kind on movies about the South. We have had it so many times, man it is so yum. Especially in the middle of a humid Houston summer! 
Chicken Fried Steak 

Chicken Fried Chicken

Po Boy - This is like a chip butty but with deep fried sea food. Its so good and so bad all at the same time. 

Budweiser - not very good, don't know what the fuss is about.

Chicken and waffles - Rob had this for breakfast one day, still a mystery to me.

Crawfish - haven't tried mudbugs yet. But we kind of have to.

Handmade flour tortilla - Oh man. These are good. So good. Sooooo good.

Queso - it took a year but we tried some Queso. And that shit was amazing. Even though all basic instincts were telling me not to, I ate a whole bowl of it. There, I admit it.

Apple Pie

Pecan Pie - I LOVE PECAN PIE. 

Pumpkin Pie - we had a lot of pumpkin pie at thanksgiving. 

BBQ - we have had a lot of BBQ. It's amazing.

Shrimp and Grits - I LOVE SHRIMP AND GRITS. That is all.

Gumbo - Rob tried this and loved it.


Giant Soda - I got a two litre cup of Soda from Buckys. Yep. Two litres.

Turkey - Rob had a turkey leg at Eeyore's birthday, and we ate a shit load of Turkey at Thanksgiving!

Kolache - Tried these bad boys. Literally the most amazing thing ever. 


Dave Chapelle - saw him, sung him Happy Birthday. Yayah.

Someone chewing Tobacco - Wow, I saw this for he first time in January. It actually happened. Haha I thought it only happened in baseball movies :P

Margaret Cho 

Music Festivals

House of Pies - Went for midnight Pie after the supercross.. SO GOOD!

International House of Pancakes

Multonomah Falls, Oregon

Wrestlemania - why? because I love Rob, that's why.


Grand Canyon - the number one thing I have seen or done here!

Hoover Dam - Flew over this on the chopper ride to the Grand Canyon

Wrigley Field - saw Cubs v Cardinals.

Tornado -

Mexican Wrestling -

Monster Jam or that kind of giant monster truck thing -

Niagara Falls -

Mount St Helen's - Hopefully later this year

San Juan Islands - Hopefully later this year 

Fenway Park

Stumble down Bourbon St - Next month!!

Famous People (Yes, I wanted to see some famous people, so sue me) - Rick Ross, Pauly Shore, Tommy Davidson, Dave Chapelle, FOTC, Phil from the Amazing Race, a real Housewife, Backstreet Boys.. oh and Mike Tyson

Central Park - got lost, saw turtles and HEAPS of squirrels.

Brooklyn Bridge - walked across on the sunniest, most beautiful day.  

Beluga - Saw them in Chicago. And when I saw them I cried. I was so excited!

Gators - Saw them in Louisiana. Crazy Shit.

Squirrel - I have some squirrel pals who I see on the way to work.



Pink Flamingo

Buckys - after Austin; on the way to New Braunfels.

Times Square - it's so busy. And we loved all the billboards.

Disneyland - Hoping to squeeze it in this year!

Colorado River - Parked next to it in the chopper and had Champagne!

Hippy Festival - yeah, so we totally did this when we went to Eeyores birthday with Jarrod and Rachael. It was so much fun. There was a lot of beer, hula hoops, and aging breasts.

Renaissance Fair - OMG we had the funnest day ever.

Cirque De Soleil -So good. Amazeballs even.

Las Vegas Strip - Strolled from Excalibur down to Treasure Island. Funny people watching!

Broadway Show - saw Book of Mormon.

Crater Lake - THIS YEAR!! (I am a little excited lol)

A jousting renaissance dinner - Did it. It was amazingly cheesey and awesome. Thanks Vegas lol.

Great Lakes - Saw Lake Huron from Chicago

Bon Jovi - Saw him at Chicago Field in Chicago.

Mount Hood - Hoping this year.

Mount Rainier - This year!

Gulf of Mexico - Galveston, TX; Holly Beach, LA.

Narrows, TX -

30 Rock - Saw it during our May trip to NY. It was tall and pretty cool. Unfortunately we didn't see Tina Fey at the same time.

Ranch - In March for our Friends wedding!


A Cactus in the desert - Done - Midland rig trip. Cactus everywhere.

Lake Tahoe -

Yellow Stone Park -

Catskills - Hopefully this year.

Jersey Turnpike - This year.

Where white linen pants in The Hamptons -

Hike some of the Appalachians

Rocky Mountains - Hmmm.. not sure on this one.

Mardi Gras - Next month!  

NBA game - Rockets v Mavericks, Rockets v Clippers, Rockets v Thunder

NFL game - We went to our first NFL game in November

Roller Derby - This was so much fun. Those girls have balls. Big balls.

Ice Hockey - Even got to hug the mascot. We saw the Aeros before they left Houston. Was really fun to watch. Way more fun than on TV.

MLB game - Red Sox v Yankees, Red Sox v Astros, Cubs v Cardinals

College Football game - A Wisconsin v LSU in August, an A&M game later in the year are in the cards


Thanksgiving - We had such a great Thanksgiving with our Texan family!

Fourth of July - see this post for details on our Independence Day. If you are familiar with the story you will know that I am still holding out for a good fourth of July.

Tailgate - maybe this year.. need to find some lovely pals to tailgate with! (any offers people?)

Meet a Cowboy -

Carve a pumpkin - Nearly chopped my hand off but I did it!

Trick or treat - This was so much fun!

Make a pumpkin pie 

Buy Cowboy Boots 

Tubing - hopefully we do this later in the year, when we went it was the end of the season and there was waaaay too many people (ewww drunk people pee).. But I am hoping to do it still! 

Get stuck somewhere due to a snow storm - thank you random January snowstorms (actually ice rather than snow) in Houston. And thank you Midland for being so accommodating.

Go to a Pumpkin Patch - We did this, had so much fun and did a corn maize! And it was like 99% humidity so we nearly melted haha

Grill - We have done some grilling with pals. The results so far have been encouraging.

Shoot a gun - There is no way in hell I am picking up a gun. Ever. But Rob went shooting with Jeremy in November.

Snow Day - Yes, that joyous moment I have seen on the Simpsons so many times. Although there was no actual snow there was some sleet and ice, so that was fun!

Mardi Gras - Happening at the end of Feb!!

Buy a box of Girl Scout cookies and eat the whole thing

Shop at Walmart - So, Rob refuses to do this. But I have!


  1. Ah, I have only seen Bon Jovi once when they came to Christchurch just before I got married. Best concert ever!

    1. My sister went to that concert! I was so gutted to miss it, but glad to have seen him now!
      Sarah x

  2. You have been so very busy!!! If love to give you a tour of the Jersey Turnpike! Something to see I'll tell you. Catskills is nice and quiet, we were up there this summer. It's a great list you've got going on. ;)

    1. We have been busy, I can't wait to see more! We are trying to make the most of our time, that is for sure!

  3. busy badgers' bobbing between Bon Jovi, Boston, Buckys, Beluga, and Brookland Bridge - bellisima

  4. Brilliant post! So much achieved and so much to look forward to. However, what are grits and mud bugs? : )

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

    1. Louisa, thanks! We are really trying to make the most of it! Haha grits are like polenta in a creamy sauce, and mud bugs are a TX specialty, crawfish, they are like tiny prawns. They have massive cook ups in Summer time, people go crazy for them : )

      Sarah xx

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Tabitha, we are slowly making our way through it!


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