Friday, 21 February 2014

Photography Friday: Farmer's Market

Morning Y'all!

A couple of weeks ago, Rob and I finally got our butts into gear to check out the Urban Harvest Farmers Market, off of Richmond, in Houston.

Well, it was totally worth getting out of bed for on a Saturday! We got so many beautiful, fresh veges for a great price, some grass fed local beef and pork and yard eggs. Yay.

About the market: I had heard the parking was difficult, but we had no problem. The prices were similar if not cheaper than the super market. Plus, there was far more in the bundles of Kale - I got way more for my smoothies. I really prefer grass fed beef - and that was before Paleo - for me the taste is more familiar as that is what we were raised eating.
They have breakfast spots there, plus tea and coffee. I think next time we will get breakfast out there.

Bottom line: if you are in the Houston area and have been thinking of going - go - totally worth it!

Here are some shots of the beautiful produce!

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  1. So many colorful leaves! Beautiful shots.

  2. love love. going to a farmers market tomorrow :)

  3. These are amazing photos! Farmers markets are kind of the best. I wish we had more of them. Each town must have one.

  4. Wow,love these photos! The colours are amazing. I want to eat those carrots!

  5. Hi! Just dropping by from Photography Friday. Great photographs! I really like those deep, dark purples :)

  6. Wonderful pictures with such great colors!

  7. Gorgeous colours! Love farmers markets - They just scream summer to me! Haha.

  8. Farmer's markets are seriously my favorite! Such vibrant colors! Beautiful!


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