Thursday, 6 March 2014

Paleo Journey - Two Months In

So, the next step in the Paleo journey…

Here are some updates:

By Michael Pollan

I tried Grilled Tilapia and Snapper. And I have to say, I really like it. Why was I avoiding fish my whole life? What a dick haha I am glad I tried it. Now I look forward to lunch every day at work, because I can get a salad that I really like, and it is great with the grilled fish. Yum. 
Robs new favorite meal is the tastiest ribs we have ever tried with cauli mash. It is so easy and the results are toe curlingly good! You have to try it!

I am absolutely in love with these tasty little gems from Nick Massie aka Paleo Nick on youtube. They are AMAZING! 

We officially love the Urban Harvest Farmers market in Houston. We got bags of beautiful happy cow beef and happy piggy pork. And so much beautiful fresh produce. And in bigger quantities with brighter colors than the super market. Plus eggies from Happy Chooks so that made us happy. I am not a preachy person, but I do think it is important for the meat we eat to come from happy animals. I think its because we raised our own animals on a farm for part of my childhood. And you know what, the yolks are more yellow and the meat is tastier.

Endo - Well, I am still having pains but I am definitely in less pain this month than the last six months. I am using normal over the counter pain killers instead of the super strength prescription ones. Which is liberating. And obviously better for me. And, touch wood, I only had half a sick day this month for my tummy. So, well, it isn't perfect yet, but I take that as progress.

On a side note, I have been doing some more research and it seems a lot of women have success but that often the first month is harder. Maybe it is a detoxing thing. Anyhoo, it is only two months in and the fact that I didn't take the hard out painkillers is enough to keep me going. Hope springs eternal.
Feeling - I feel good. I feel clearer in my head, and I am having less "hormonal" mood swings.

Body - My skin is a lot clearer and my hair looks smoother. It is softer too. Yay. And, people always ask this one - what has paleo done to your weight? Well, at the two month mark I have lost 21 pounds. Which, I have said before, is not the goal, but I know that PCOS and being over weight are strongly connected, so weight loss is a relief.

Cheat Meals:
Well, two of my cheat “meals” were kind of cheat days, or what I like to call falling off the wagon. But I was able to recover and move on without hating on myself too much. One big thing from the last two months is that I have learned that I am stronger than I think, and also, it pays not to be so harsh on yourself. After all, I am only human. I was aiming for 80:20 Paleo, and am at what I would see would be over 90% so I am pleased with that. One thing that I find super important is that you have something totally delicious for your cheat meal. One of my first cheat meals was a weak moment and I had a cheap and gross pizza. I hated every bite and I was so sad, this month I went to my favorite pizza place and got the yummiest pizza on the menu – it just took a little more strength during the week, and planning for the weekend. That way I didn’t have food regret and was super satisfied with my choice for the week.

When I get really bad cravings I have a list of things I try and work through.
First of all I remind myself of my progress.
I try and remember that on my cheat day I can have what I am craving (except Coke Zero, I can’t let that back in or I am done :P)
Make sure I have eaten all my snacks for the day and gotten the right amount of good fats and carbs.
Try some berries or raw honey.
Drinking Kombucha or soda water occasionally is helping to fight my 'thirsty but am over water' feeling.
Oh, and my latest solution, is frozen strawberries chopped up in the blender. Its like sorbet, without all the sugar. So good!
So yeah, they would be my tips for fighting the cravings.

For an idea of what some Paleo meals I have been eating look like, check them here.
For my first month of Paleo, check it out here.
And for my key to an easy Paleo breakfast, check it out here.

Also I just want to shout out to Rob, my pals and my family for being so supportive, it makes such a big difference to my journey.

What do y’all think? Have you considered Paleo as a lifestyle change option? What are the ways you fight cravings?


  1. I do Paleo except we eat eggs, beans and nuts :) so I guess it's quasi paleo! We love it :)

    1. Isn't it great? I eat eggs and nuts but no beans. Ironically I have never eaten eggs before, now I am doing this I made myself start : )

  2. I'm so proud of you. What a huge time commitment and you are really doing an awesome job. Such a great resource for anyone considering paleo.

    And I mean. 21 pounds. It's nlthing to sneeze at. I know it's not the goal but still.

    1. Thank you babe! I guess I just wanna put down what I would want to know if I was starting again : ) it is kind of motivating to document it too.

      It's kind of mental right? I'm pretty shocked.

  3. That's amazing! 21 lbs...maybe I should consider it. But I feel like it would be so hard to give up rice even though I don't even eat rice that much... I'm just afraid of going back and then gaining more than before. This is some great inspiration though!!


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