Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday: Cotton Candy

Oh my wow. How cute is this dress? From the second I saw this in Sunday Millie's etsy store - I fell in dress love (or lust, I can never figure out which is which!).

I wore it to work and got so many compliments, and then I wore it out to a friends birthday drinks.

These are some shots we got on the way.. Hope you like them : ) 

Can I even tell you how much I love this dress?

I saw a bird. Or was it a plane? It may have been Superman.

So my motto is that life is way too short to not wear beautiful dresses. Y'all know that by now. If you feel like being inspired and taking a step towards dress awesomeness, take a look here at some gorgeous vintage!

ps. Sunday Millie has a sale on right now! Woohoo!

Dress: c/o Sunday Millie - Etsy
Cardie: Zara
Shoes: Payless shoes
Bag: Ellen Vintage - Etsy

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  1. Looking good! And I have missed you 'round these parts!

    1. Thanks babe, it always feels like such a success when I get posts up when work is crazy haha

  2. Cute as a button-front dress! Love it! Perfection with the white heels too x

    1. Thanks babe, I was worried it was too cutesy with the pink and the white but I love how it turned out!

  3. Oh and thank you so much for being part of the Wardrobe Wednesday Glam Squad! x

  4. My sister suggested that I should order a size down--being an 8-10 with a C cup, I got an 8, and it's pretty good. (I got a red dress) it was thin, and needed some ironing.
    Kate Spade Weekend Bag


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