Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday: Why I LOVE Vintage Dresses

Well vintage anything really! But in particular, dresses.

I have never found a double of a vintage dress. While there may be similar styles or patterns, I have never found a double. They are all a little different and have a different personality. No more getting to work and finding five other ladies on your floor are wearing the same dress! They are not just unique from other vintage dresses, but they are just not like any dresses you find in stores now. 

Dress it up, Dress it down 
I personally think I have succeeded in wearing many items to work and out and then a week or two later, shopping in the weekend or to brunch. I feel like they are really flexible and can be easily accessorized to be dressed up or down.

Lets be honest - compliments are nice to hear. And I swear, I have never worn a dress from my vintage collection without receiving at least one compliment - happy face!

Vintage dresses are just so feminine.
I have been a tomboy my whole life so now it just feels amazing to be a little girly, you know? One day I was wearing a lovely, flowy pink dress at work, I had it styled work appropriate and I felt amazing in it. A older woman came up to me and said that I had made her day because she just doesn't see ladies dressing classic and feminine anymore. I had the biggest grin on my face! 

I love the color, stripes and embroidery of this dress.

Size flexibility
So I have fitted dresses while being with a 10 kilo difference. I find that with many styles they can be cinched in when they are smaller and they often fit when I am a little bigger because of the waist.

This dress fitted me 10 kilos ago, and it fits me still. Yay.
This is a big one for me.
I have mentioned it before, but for me, working in such a straight laced corporate environment, my dresses are how I show my personality and are a reminder to myself that my job does not define me. I am more than science and maths and physics. I have a sense of humor, I love color and I love the personality of my dresses.

I love the details you can find in vintage dresses. Peplum. Peter Pan collars. Crochet sections. Pretty buttons. Lace collars. Applique.

There are so many neat details you can find on vintage dresses.
I know I am not a proper fashion blogger because I just don't stick to seasons with my colors. I wear lots of colors all year. I just can't make myself wear just orange in Autumn and just pink in Spring. I love a mix of colors all year. I think the most seasonal my clothes get are when I add boots and stockings when it gets chilly.

Life is too short without color.

It's good for the planet Yo!
Thrifting does the planet a favor. Reusing products that have already been made and finding them a new home is something we can do to prevent more crap going in landfills. 

Buying from Etsy or local vintage stores keeps money in the local economy rather than it being channeled to a big chain store. Plus chances are, you are putting your hand up to stop labor atrocities around the world. 

I can go to a thrift store and buy 8 dresses for less than $50. Some may need a stitch or two, or need to be styled a little differently, but I can get a bunch for even cheaper than those chain stores can market their lines of identical cookie cutter dresses.

My $1 dress. You just can't beat that!


This is another post in my series all about Vintage Dresses. 
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  1. I can't get your link to work to see your favorite Etsy stores :( I wanna know, I love your dresses and you are inspiring me to branch out and buy dresses from different places!

    1. Oh thank you for letting me know Hayleigh! The links are fixed now.. happy shopping : )
      Sarah xo

  2. Do many good reasons. And so many wonderful dresses.

    1. Thank you lady, thought I would start doing my dresses in written form : )


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