Thursday, 24 April 2014

Travel Thursday: Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Since I was a wee girl I have been visiting Waiheke Island. My Grandfather has lived there, high up on a cliff over looking a bay since before I was born. Not only does the spot have special memories for me, spending time with him and Nanny Pen, but it is just a stunning place to visit.

For non Kiwis, here are the tourism details:
Waiheke Island is a volcanic island in the Hauraki Gulf, Auckland. It is known for its sandcastle competitions, horse racing, amazing beaches, views and stunning wineries. 

For me, this is where we would visit and spend time with my Grandad and Nanny Pen. We would make pottery in her studio, swim down in the bay, explore the garden with Grandad, collect a present from the fairy tree and admire their eclectic art collection displayed on the walls.

At Christmas last year we ferried over to visit with them and bring wee Willy over for cuddles. While we were visiting, I went for a wander and found myself thinking back to all the memories I have of my time spent here. This is such a magical spot, I wanted to share some photos with you, to try and share this little spot of beauty with the world.

This is such a familiar and comforting view for me.

The New Zealand Christmas tree - Pohutukawa

This is the favorite food of one of our native birds, the Tui.

I just LOVE the variation in textures. The bark of the Pohutukawa tree. The sharp volcanic rock. The crunchy moss.

I love how the colors of the rock blend from grass and lichen at one end to barnacles at the other.

New Zealand is famous for its ferns. This little fella is a monkey tail.

Once again I am sharing one of my favorite spots in the world. Today is a spot in New Zealand - next week who knows?! Come share with Laurie and I!


  1. looks like the most relaxing place. take me there! :)

    1. Oh you would freaking love it. Yoga on the beach. Wine by the fire pit watching the sun go down. Amaze balls.

  2. What an amazing place to live! And how special that you have all those memories to relive!!! It's gorgeous.

    1. Isn't it beautiful! It is so sweet to think back on : )


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