Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Vintage Dress Fails

I do love my dresses - but on occasion, I have had some fails. 

Zip busting at the gym – Asking a stranger to help you with a zip, maybe that isn’t so bad. But asking a stranger to try and fix a broken zip while you are in the dress. Hmm, a little more awkward.

Forgotten slip – One morning I had yoga before work, so I packed my clothing for the day and wandered off to get zen. I got zen, and then when I got changed I lost it again. I had forgotten my slip so my dress was see through. Yes, brilliantly professional. I had to kind of wrap my cardigan around my butt and chest simultaneously. And lucklily Rob was able to drop me one off on his way to work. Haha nice one Sarah Maree.

Lengthy issue – when you get to work and see your reflection in the elevator doors. That dress seems a little shorter than it did at home in front of the mirror. Hmmm… Is this too short?

Random stain – Gah! This is annoying cos it can catch you at any time. And hey, was it your stain or a “vintage” mark you never noticed? Hmmm. Put it to age. Adds some flavour... Or maybe I just look clumsy.

This is my "shit, did I really not see that" face. Reserved for stains and dresses that become see through between home and office.


  1. i feel like you need to post photos of these dress fails. bc who doesn't love dress fails in a visual form. haha. good idea for a post today!

    1. I wish I had some of those.. Although the slip one might be a bit too much for the blog lol

  2. Wardrobe malfunctions!!! Gasp!!!!

    I once wore two different shoes. Minor. I realize. But it scarred me for life.

  3. Dress fails can rather put your day out - I realised one day that my cowl neck dress was waaaay lower than planned.
    But not before leaving the house - I realised at my work desk. Aaaarggh!

    1. Arrgghhh yep, I have done the wow, my boobies are out way more than I planned today lol


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