Thursday, 10 April 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday: Evening Stroll

You know how you can have those places, that you know of but either you forget they are so close or you keep putting off visiting? But then you visit and you are like, why didn't we come here months ago?

Last night we took a wander to a park next to the bayou. It was less than 15 minutes from our house and I think it's my new favorite spot. 

It was epically windy but we grabbed some quick shots of a sweet wee sun dress I got from Old Navy this weekend past. I love strapless dresses in summer. They remind me of summers in Perth, barbecues, cold beer, parties, concerts, picnics. All the good things about summer!

I got a few but this is my favorite pattern. And, I have been in pants all week for field trips so I am loving slipping into one after work!

Here are a couple of shots! 

Isn't it sweet! I adore it, and so sweet and summery!

Also, this guy - I love him!



  1. I do love a good maxi. You're looking great!

    1. Thanks my love, I feel like nothing says summer to me more than a maxi!

  2. I love going for evening strolls, especially after dinner. Sadly now that daylight savings has passed there isn't as much sunlight and so evening strolls aren't really much of a winter thing! :)

    1. Evening strolls were my favorite thing at home in NZ, I am slowly trying to get into them again here.. It is a little harder because the streets are so much busier, but it is great when we find a quiet spot : )

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Violeta! I do adore this dress!
      Sarah xo


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