Sunday, 27 April 2014

Week 2: 100 Days of Happiness

Day 8: This guy. Love.

Day 9: After a 90 minute dentist session. Bed is like, amazing. Yay bed.

Day 10: Sometimes Houston feels like a concrete jungle - I love finding little green spots in the city.

Day 11: getting packages in the mail that I forgot I ordered! 

Day 12: My rule is, if I fall off the Paleo wagon - it better be worth it. And oh my wow. This was amazing. Handmade cookies and cream with dark chocolate chunks. Mind blown.

Day 13: The sweetest tea canister from my sister for my birthday last year. It makes my hot cup of tea even lovelier each morning!

Day 14: Grateful to share an amazing weekend at Fiesta with this guy.


  1. I love these. You. So positive you are.

    1. Thanks babe - am trying to take time for the little things.


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