Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A Day in the Life

Inspired by Laurie by this post, I decided I would also do such a post. The very next day, as a matter of fact, in case I lost the idea from my scatter brained train of thoughts.

And so here, in the ultimate form of stalker fodder, I give you my Thursday. Woohoo.

4:10 - my alarm goes off. I press snooze.
4:19 - my alarm goes off. I press snooze. I mentally go through a checklist of body parts potentially hurting that I could use as an excuse to get me up. No such problem. Fall asleep.
4:28 - my alarm goes off. Rob starts shaking me. Rue the day I decide to get myself fit. Rue making the decision to do tough mudder. Curse the paleo gods that I can't have a coke zero and lay in bed.
4:30 - alarm goes off to remind me to do this post today. I yell at the alarm as I now feel the world is out to get me.
4:31 - I'm up. I'm up. I'm up. Grab a handful of blackberries and get changed. 

4:50 - Rob is driving me to cross fit. Cos he is the bestest. I sing poorly to Beyonce. And then Metallica.
5-6 - Cross fit. And really the biggest mental challenge is getting out of bed. Once I am there I really like it. Except pull ups. They can take a hike.

6:15 - 6:45 - Getting organised for work. Choosing a dress normally takes much thought. But today I am super stoked to wear a cute new dress I got from Cheeky Vintage last night. Woohoo. Pandora station: Childish Gambino.

6:45 - Rob takes me to work after making me my snacks for the day and a green smoothie. Sorry ladies, he is taken.

7 - At work. Computer is being a dick. After some swearing and banging it starts to work. I never understand what happens to computers over night. Like do they enjoy messing with their users? Or do evil elves come and pull out wires and stuff? Who knows. It's green smoothie and emails time yo. Pandora station: The Ramones. 

8 - I need some tea. Stat.
8:05 - ahh tea. Yuss. 

8:20 - Buy tickets for the Texans V Eagles game! Making Robs dreams come true, he has always wanted to see the Eagles. Happy face. Pandora Station: Phantogram. 

10 - In dire need for green tea. And carrots. Feeling the squats from this morning "work their magic" (aka hurt like shit). Studying cased hole logging. Trying to figure out how to remember a whole book until forever. Undecided on best method. 

10:30 - Bugged an expert about dealing with differential pressure down the well bore during completions. Large chunk of book now makes sense. Woohoo.

11:30 - 12:30 - Lunch date with a friend. Oh Snap Kitchen I love you. Paleo food in a food court. So yum and so convenient. 

12:30 - Back to book. Pandora Station: Lorde. 

1 - Messages start coming in from my Mum, and then sister. I love that I can keep in touch daily with them through Viber. Cute photos of William eating/mauling his breakfast. These photos always make my day.

2 - 4: Need tea. Pandora Station: Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis.  Study pulsed neutron logging technique. Yay gamma rays. Yay neutron emissions. Yay life.

4:30 - Head home. Yuss.

5 - Rob makes me a cup of Chamomile tea and we cuddle on the couch and talk about our day.

5:30 - 6 - Hang out, check blog, emails, instagram.

6 - 7- Cook dinner, tonight it is grilled tilapia with a cauliflower mash. Yum. Thank goodness for Paleo.

7 - Take a walk down to the bayou and enjoy the sunshine a little. Every now and then I catch a reflection of the Houston CBD skyline and I remember how crazy it is that we are here living in America. I like wee moments like this - I am so grateful for the life we have.

8-8.30 - This is where I start to fade, hot bath and horizontal poppet. Love the feeling of getting into bed after a long day. Bliss.

9 - Nearly completely out to it. Loving that my alarm will be going off at 6 tomorrow instead of 4! Feeling very happy indeed.

Night world. 


  1. This is what I see: health. Health science. Smart. Science. Health.


    I love the stalking aspect of this. Love love n

    1. LOl most people would see that as boring. boring. boring. So I like the way you said it :P
      I know right, stalking is super fun.


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