Saturday, 3 May 2014


Dress: Anthropologie - Chicago
This goes down in history as one of the best dresses I have ever bought. A classic well made dress is worth the extra you spend on it.
Flower Crown: Road side vendor at Fiesta in San Antonio

Dress: Casa Ramirez - The Heights, Houston
Belt: Off a vintage dress I have from back home

Dress: Sunday Millie - Etsy
Cardigan: Cotton On - Australia

Dress: Miss Brown Vintage - Perth, Australia
Shoes: Ebay

I was a little short on dresses this week. It is a rare thing indeed for me to turn to pants, but when I don't feel well, sometimes it happens. At least they were quality picks!

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  1. gosh i need to wear more dresses. you inspire me in that dept :) ok my excuse is i'm just mainly a lazy pants girl :)


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