Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Paleo on a Road Trip

So I am going to be honest - I find staying on the Paleo wagon hardest when I am on holiday. And while I don't mind having treats on vacation - because life is too short to be perfect, I hate when I eat something that isn't really worth it. And road trips can be long and boring, and eating junk food is kind of a tradition. So here is how I stay Paleo when we are on a road trip!

Tips and Tricks

Be organised!
Plan ahead. If I know we are going away I will make sure we have healthy snacks to pack away. I generally cut up capsicum, have baby carrots, buy a big bag of grapes, and a tub of mixed nuts. Water, Soda water or Kombucha can help me stop the constant need to buy a giant Coke Zero in each town we drive through. I try and make sure we have sweet and savoury items in our Chilly bin - know what you crave on a road trip and combat it!

Eat a satisfying meal before hand.
I try and make sure we are full when we leave. If we leave first thing I will wake up early and cook bacon, eggs and vegetables. If we leave mid day I will cook a big lunch first.

Avoid the Petrol Station. There is nothing Paleo to eat there! 

Know your weaknesses.
For me - its Sonic. So keeping full on yummy, Paleo snacks helps curb my Double Cheeseburger craving.

Enjoy the Drive
Stop and stretch every hour. Find somewhere beautiful and marvel at the landscape around you. Whether you are driving to San Antonio, Auckland or Geraldton. Enjoy the moments.

Treat YoSelf
I am hardly Paleo perfect, I have my treat each week. But for me our holidays are special. I will eat foods that aren't Paleo if we are away, but I try and be sensible. If it is just a breakfast out, I will stick to Paleo. If we are at a "best in Texas" BBQ joint, then I am going to indulge. The main thing for me is that I like to keep my non Paleo for something really worth it. And snacks in the car just aren't worth it for me.


Avoid feeling sluggish and yuck when you get to your destination.
Save your non Paleo moments for the yummy food available in the town you are heading to.
Stay more alert and awake - obviously important for driving.
Avoid piling on empty calories while you sit on your butt in the car.

My Paleo Roadtrip Essentials

Chilly bin/cooler/Esky
Baby Carrots
Water bottles
Mixed raw nuts


  1. all good ideas! i must say if you run into a "Wawa" gas station anywhere on the east coast - they have plenty of paleo options! from hard boiled eggs to pre-portioned out veggies. it's the best!

  2. Yes I'm taking notes for your visit! I'm going to need a lot of help as to what you'll need to eat. ☺️


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