Friday, 2 May 2014

Photography Friday: Insty San Antonio

As anyone who follows me on Instagram will know - this weekend past we spent an amazing time at Fiesta in San Antonio. It has easily become one of my favorite trips in the States so far. We had such a lovely time, and the atmosphere in the city was so happy and fun. And wow - great food. If you plan to head there, I totally recommend going in April for great weather and of course, Fiesta!

We had fun with Cascarones.
Smash an egg over someones head. And the egg is full of confetti. And then everyone smiles.
At NIOSA. So many people, but sooo much yummy food!
Deep fried oreo. Rob was a happy man.
Yeah, he totally smashed that egg. But it was so much fun.
I love the color on the river walk - this was at a quiet moment before the crowds.
Sitting at lunch and watching the water go by.
Waiting for Nachos, and enjoying the view.
I freaking love my flower crown.
A strawberry margarita is one of my favorite things.
Chipotle beef tacos. Oh yeah.
German Deli for breakfast.
I love the flowers and color everywhere.
We also loved all the old historic buildings in San Antonio.
Robs breakfast at Shulas.
Ginormous cactus and an original wall of the Alamo.
Shopping in the market square.
So many tempting treats. And extreme foods.
Mexican Coke.
I love my Mexican dress - and I love it with the floral crown.
Waterfall on the riverwalk.
Cathedral near the riverwalk.
Sweet little spring flowing into the riverwalk.
Im sure this spot was in the movie "Miss Congeniality"
This was a lovely spot to sip Margarita and watch people.
So lovely having a weekend with my pal.
Tower of the Americans - behind our hotel.
Salted caramel ice cream - with peanut brittle.
The best Creme Brulee I have ever had.
The river from Guenther House.
Fiesta wreath.
Beautiful old trees on the grounds.
My darling's breakfast.
I LOVE the colors in this wreath!
Kiwis - this is biscuits and gravy. It seems like a hmmm, weird dish. But that shit is like crack.
The trees were strung with ribbon to celebrate fiesta. So pretty!

Our San Antonio recommendations: 
Dinner - for something a little nicer than the usual touristy spots, try Bella on the River. Make sure you book because this place is tiny and it fills up fast. The food was ACTUALLY amazing. Easily in our top 2 or 3 meals in Texas to date.
Breakfast - Go to Guenther House. Find it online or on yelp, and just go. It is the site of one of the oldest flour mills in Texas, it is a museum, restaurant and gift store, and it screams out for floral dresses and sandals. Such a beautiful spot.


  1. These are all amazing shots. All of them. Gotta love it when you need two plates for breakfast and hell to the yes for strawberry margs!

    1. Thanks! Rob is getting great with his photos! And you know I am that hipster getting her phone out every 5 minutes :P oh and shit yes, aren't they the best!

  2. Love! I can't believe I've never been to SA. It's on my list!

    1. Its so pretty, it is a must see if you are ever down this way!

  3. Replies
    1. Don't they just make you smile?! I loved the color everywhere - so much more alive than a lot of places in Houston!

  4. I've always wanted to visit San Antonio! Look at all that delicious food...and the river walk looks lovely! Great pictures! Looks like so much fun.

    1. Its so pretty Holly, it has the food, the history and the big Texas feeling : )


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