Thursday, 8 May 2014

Travel Thursday: Toi's Pa - Whakatane, New Zealand

Y'all know I love home. And if you have been following along with my story awhile you will know that Whakatane and Ohope are two of my favorite spots.

When we were home in December we went up to a lookout that we hadn't seen together before. And thank goodness we did!! Wow. The views from here are just stunning. And, the day we chose was actually amazing. 

This is the view from Tois pa, which over looks Whakatane on one side, and Ohope on the other. It is an important spot for local Maori who used the hillside as a strategic position after the arrival of the Wairaka canoe. 


Looking towards Ohiwa Harbour and Opotiki along Ohope Beach.

Looking further up the coast, Raukumara Ranges can be seen in the distance.

Some beautiful Pohutukawa overlooking West End surf break.

The far west of Ohope beach. Isn't it just stunning?

When I grew up this stuff was everywhere. I know it is a weed, but I can't help but love Scotch Thistle.

Looking down over Whakatane and looking along at Matata in the distance.

Motouhora (Whale Island) and Toi's Pa monument.

I love this shot.

Looking West towards Putauaki and Kawerau.

White Island smouldering in the background.

Motouhora always looks so beautiful from up here.

I guess its the geologist in me, but I love being so close to an active volcano!

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  1. These are amazing. I'm learning so much about your home!

    1. Isn't it a beautiful place! Yay, I am glad : )

  2. I miss these views so very much!

    1. Isn't it just so amazing? I feel very blessed that we can call this home : )


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