Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday: Strawberry Shortcake

One of the great questions in life...
When is a strawberry festival not a strawberry festival?

Well, we found one on Sunday...

In place of strawberries there was a whole mess of bbq, a camel, some carnies, and one little goat who I fell in love with. I did manage to eat a couple of strawberries though. Thank goodness.

Here are some shots my lovely Liz got of me at the genuine wild west court marshall. This post was going to be in a field of strawberries haha, but you know, you work with what you have..

This dress is just so perfect for srawberries! I bought it at Retropolis on 19th St in the Heights. The hat is just a gem. I bought it yesterday at Style Cycle, also on 19th St. I tried it on as a joke, and then feel head over heels. Isn't it adorable!

Thanks for taking the photos Liz! xx

I am super happy to be hooking up with Kim for Wardrobe Wednesday.. thanks for having me love!



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    1. Thanks hun : ) After we were done I realised there were no close ups of the cute checks, but oh well, I do love them!


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