Sunday, 4 May 2014

Week 3: 100 Days of Happiness

Day 15: An easy Whole Foods meal. No one likes to cook after a long arse drive home. 

Day 16: I can't even get over how much I adore these pillow slips from Jasmine Dowling. I have been admiring them online for months and months and finally pressed go during a moment of post cross fit euphoria. Soooo glad!

Day 17: Without being an emo, being sick sucks, but having all my Paleo green smoothies pre packed in the freezer makes it way easier to make something I know will help make me feel better. 

Day 18: see comment above re being sick sucking. So glad to come home from a full day of work to a warm blanket, warm husband and a sofa.

Day 19: Grateful that we have had the opportunity to travel to some beautiful places over the last year. Double grateful that I have this blog to share what we have seen with the world.

Day 20: My favorite chair. Oh how I love my hair salon. And beautiful hair dresses. Yay for Kats Meow.

Day 21: glad to have arrived in Grand Junction safe and sound! 


  1. I've liked these all on insta. But consider this "liked" as well. 😉

  2. love those pillow cases and getting one's hair done is pretty much the bestest. it's my number one thing i must do as a girl to feel pretty :)


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