Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Expat Life: Interpreting Kiwi English

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I say I speak three languages, English, French and Broken English. Haha nice joke, polite way of saying I swear like a trucker. But, as Laurie says, sorry but not sorry. However, I have noticed since coming here, I really speak Kiwi-English and Aussie-English, and am slowly learning American-English. In preparation of my trip to see the lovely Laurie this weekend, I have prepared a list of the things I have learned so far, so that I can help prepare her for my Kiwi-ness.


Kiwi - Murica words that I have gotten confused

Shout someone – Buy someone a drink or meal – “it’s my shout”
Bag - Purse
Purse - Wallet
Boot - Trunk
Bench - Counter
She’ll be right – Don’t worry, everything will be alright
You’ll be away laughing – You will be fine
Away with the fairies - Daydreaming
Jandals - Flip flops - Thongs
Togs - Swimming costume
Do the dishes - Washing up
Loo – Toilet - Restroom
Bless your little cotton socks – Bless you
Undies – Panties
Knickers (for kids underwear) – Panties
Ice block – Popsicle
Nek Minnit - Next thing you know
He’s a gun – He's an expert
Pom – English person
Have a go at someone – Attack or insult someone, start an argument
I'm flat out – I am really busy
What’s that when its at home? – This just means “what is that?”
 Bill - Cheque
Coriander - Cilantro
Capsicum - Bell Pepper
Gherkin - Dill Pickle
Grill - Broil
Barbeque - Grill
Eftpos - Debit
Drink Piss - Drink alcohol

Maori Words that I use A lot

Whare – house
Puku – tummy
Kapai – Good
Kia Ora – Hello
Aporo - Apple
Aroha - Love
Paki paki - clap your hands
Are your tarengas painted on? - Are your ears painted on?
Whare Paku - toilet

See you soon Loz!


  1. It's funny, half these things I completely didn't realise that not everyone says them!!! :)
    Emma | theearththroughalens

    1. Lol I have found them all out the hard way. I am now used to people thinking I am nuts :P

  2. Oh I saw this and got so excited! This is going to be left up on my phone for your visit. And those Maori words? I went a bit cross eyed. ;)

    I am so excited. My sister and I were just discussing what we were going to do during your visit. :):)

    1. Hehe I am excited too! I can't wait : ) And I promise it isn't that hard to understand us. I can talk American to you :P

  3. i feel like you should print it out laur :) oh you said keep it on your phone. DUH KERRI. save the trees.

  4. Eftpos. That's one I hadn't heard before. I love "Bless your little cotton socks"!


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