Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Getting Ready to say Good bye to the States

Well, this chapter of our life is getting close to an end.. And the next is getting much closer to starting. As we begin to plan for our move to Western Australia, we have been slowly looking around thinking about what we will miss here. After all, we love living here!

Here is what we will miss about being here in Houston, and the States:

Our Houston family and friends (of course!).. including a new baby who will be born just after we leave, and two lovely weddings..

I love our little apartment, I will miss that!

Netflix - I will be honest. It is addictive. And we can't get it at home.

Value Village - epic thrifting missions have occurred here. We just don't have them that big in NZ or Australia

Cheap organic food - well, all food. ALL FOOD IS SO CHEAP HERE> like dude. So cheap. We will miss that. We shop at Whole Foods here because even though it is considered pricey here, it is still cheaper than a cheap store at home.

Long trading hours - It just isn't really done at home. Like here, the mall is open till 9 or 10 every day of the week. At home, that happens once a week. I like this.

Cheap telecommunication plans - Sorry that I keep saying cheap. But really, everything is cheaper here.

Baby Barnabys - So, I was a late convert to this. Before Paleo I was not a breakfast/brunch person, so obviously cueing for breakfast was not an ideal situation for me. But know I love it. And I don't mind the wait. And it is a rad little place, with awesome staff, cheap and super yummy food.

Sports - I will admit it, I am going to miss 24 hour ESPN and football season, baseball games, definitely basketball games. I think they are my favorite.

Shipping speed - when we first got here I ordered a mirror on Amazon, it got here like 4 days later. Literally unheard of down under. We are just too far away!

Victorias Secret - I just heart their panties yo.

The price of Champagne - less than $30 for Moet? $50 for Veuve. (the pre pregnancy Sarah enjoyed this situation) - oh and they sell it at the chemist. Hollah.

Wide streets - they are wider. I guess we are in Texas so there is room (on the other hand, the shitty nature of the overly potholed roads... my bladder won't miss them)

Travelling - knowing you can just pop to New York for a weekeend. There is nothing quite like that feeling guys. Not if it is a feeling you have never known.

Movie tickets - $6 an adult to see a movie on Sunday morning. $9 the rest of the time. I don't hate that.

Concerts - more people, so you know, more concerts. As in, more bands, more frequent, way cheaper prices, and epic memories.

Beer - pints of beer for $3 versus over $12. Goes without saying really.

Margaritas - Gigantic margs.

Carters - my favorite baby store. And they don't shop to Aus. Sad face.

BBQ, Texas food, Mexican food, ALL THE FOOD - we will miss it. Oh, how we will miss it.

The Galleria - yep. We are consumerists. It is a giant mall with many good stores, and when we first moved here, it was kind of like a shiny light in a cold stormy and multiple murder week in Houston.

Squirrels - I love the little dudes.

Margaritas - Like, good, fresh, delicious margs. Damn I shouldn't be talking about them right now!

Big car parks - since so many people drive stupidly large (sorry Texas) trucks here, parking our wee VW SUV is even possible for me!


  1. haha i love this list! and margaritas made it twice? i don't think that's an accident :)

    1. LOl actually blame it on baby brain.. it totally made it twice.. I think its half because I have become totally absent minded and half because i need a drink :P

  2. I can't believe you are already discussing leaving! WAH! It will go by so quickly though. Sniff. Can't you just stay? ;)

  3. Great list! I lived in Canada for two years and while I didn't find that overly cheap, I LOVED my trips to Seattle and other parts of the US to stock up on awesome cheap goodness.
    Also, when bars had happy hour and they'd have like 3 or 4 happy hours and night and all the food was half price then - epic times.

    1. Thanks! It is sad to be thinking about leaving, but awesome to think we might come back again. We are off to Seattle next month - I am so excited!


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