Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Kid Friendly Weddings

Kids at weddings. I know some people say no to that, but we love our friends kids, and we wanted a casual fun day. So kids were a must. But how to entertain them?

Here is how we did it:

Gift Bags - my sister gave me this idea.
So she was super organised, and made paper bags with decorations.
I wasn't really organised like that, but I bought some cute gift bags and filled them with toys, candy and goodies to keep the kids busy. It was a neat way to distract them, and to take something fun home with them.

Kids Table - this was so cool.
We laid sheets of newsprint over the table. Then we had big bright plastic cups and plates for all the kids to eat from. We had baskets of crayons and felts. Pots of playdoh. Stickers and stamps. It was so cool, I kind of wanted to be at the table.

Mushroom pop up Tent -
This was a cute, cheap way to provide shelter and a hidey hole for the kids. It was a pop up tent I got off Ebay. So cute.

Foosball table -
This entertained the kids of all ages. And was great during the cocktail hour.

Photobooth -
Everybody loved our photobooth - but those kids LOVED it. They literally got tens of photos each. And they did a good job at rocking all those props we set out!

However, you know those Mastercard ads, this is kind of how the rest of it went:
Gift bags $75, Kids fun table $50, Pop up tent $20, kids spending an hour trying to catch a sheep in the field next door - priceless.

Haha, the main thing is, the kids has a super fun day, and that made us happy. Yay.

Oh, and the candy bar. Yep, they loved that!

And don't forget about the Mamas -
 We had some pregnant ladies and friends with wee ones. So we had a room where ladies could breast feed, or change bubs. It was nice to provide a little space for everyone to be comfortable.


  1. Wow you really thought of everything. This is so awesome! Who wouldn't have fun at a wedding like that!?

  2. This is too cute!! We made bags of toys & goodies but *ahem* left them in London... still, it meant for colourng in fun when we came home!

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