Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Getting ready to be back in Perth

Yep, 14 weeks from now we will be in Perth, Australia. Marking the end of our first time living in the USA. While I am super bummed to be going, there are a few things I am super excited about...

Our Perth Family! I miss and love them so much... I can't wait to see them all again.

Kings Park - so much prettiness, the view is stunning, ducklings, running trails, picnics and the flowers - oh the flowers!

Miss Brown Vintage - where I first fell in love with vintage dresses.. pricier than Houston, but sorted in rainbows of color.

Nandos - best hangover chicken ever.

Dolphins in the river - the Swan river in general. So beautiful. We can see it from the office, perfect for paddle boarding. Love it.

Blue sky - for months and months non stop. It really is a beautiful place to live.

Early morning coffee runs with Liz.

Christmas parties - and socializing with colleagues.

Social life - I guess this may change now, since we have a wee one coming. Which I am totally okay with - I am just so excited to meet her.

The Ocean - The Indian Ocean to be exact. And those pretty beaches that edge them. So blue.

Rugby - All Blacks, Super 15, World Cup, rugby watching parties, it is all good. And we have missed that heaps.

Less potholes - dude these roads in Houston are rugged.

Meeting some babies that appeared after we left. Jack and Jack - can't wait to meet you little dudes.

Touch rugby- while I wont be able to play when we get back in November, Rob will and we both love it so much.


  1. i can't believe it's so soon! but this is quite a good list of reasons to be excited about :) xo


  2. it is so soon. so many things to look forward to though when you get back! especially the arrival of your little one!

  3. Sounds like a fabulous place! And dolphins, yes. :)


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