Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Week 17 - Life Lately

I'm growing y'all! My belly is poppin. I keep getting told I look 30 weeks. I really don't know since I have never done this before, but I like having a belly. It's pretty nifty! 

We got a lovely package from some friends in New Zealand for wee Sophie! I love that she will have lots of things from where we come from, and I love the craftiness in this package!

Shaved Ice - yep, it's another bucket list item! And I got to share a yum strawberry one after a lovely dinner night with a lady pal of mine. So good to catch up and eat curry. I freaking love curry. 

Thinking about our wee girl. 

Baby shower planning - So much fun. And people of America. Party City. What a place!! 

IHOP - baby was craving pancakes on Sunday, and oddly I was too - so we ticket off another bucket list item at International House of Pancakes.

I have been buying so much vintage for our little girl! This came in the mail mid week. Isn't the smocking so sweet - and it's a romper. Romper a kill me with cuteness! 


  1. One. IHOP. Yes. Two. Party City. It's the bee'd knees. Three. Love your bump!! And I have to text you news!!

  2. Love the color scheme of all your party city goodies!


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