Tuesday, 13 January 2015

DIY Retro Dress Garland

This is something I put together for my baby shower. I happened upon a pin for a retro dress origami tutorial on Pinterest, and it inspired me!

There is no way I can explain origami better than the video I used to learn haha so here it is.

My tips would just be to make sure you make the folds tight, as this will make the dresses sturdier. And a good range of paper patterns makes the garland more varied and colorful.

Once I had a pile of different dresses made in a range of origami paper prints, I sorted them into color piles. I then sorted a kind of pattern out so that I didn't have patterns repeated too much.

I then used wee crafting pegs to attach them to twine, and strung them up at the baby shower. I used two 5 feet sections of twine, and hung them up around the yard. I think they looked so cute! And now, bonus - I have one of them hung up in Sophie's room as a garland. They are so colorful, and obviously I love the vintage touch, the paper patterns look just like so many vintage dresses I have!

So easy and so cute! What do you think?


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    1. Thanks! I am stoked with how cute they turned out!

  2. You are the most crafty pregnant lady I have ever heard of.

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    1. Thanks! It was so simple, but visually so lovely : )
      Sarah xo

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    1. Thanks! I am so stoked with how it turned out - super easy too!

  5. These are just adorable! I wish I was crafty!

    1. Thanks Jess - they were so easy : ) I bet even non crazy craft fiends could do them : )


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