Friday, 2 January 2015

The last 20 weeks - In 5 Words or less.

Hmmmm. Is this doable? We shall see. It's almost like those life lately posts on crack.

Baby moon. Two sweet words. A modern construct in a modern world. Regardless of your thoughts on a baby moon. We had saved my most anticipated trip in the States for fall of 2014. And we happened to be pregnant, so baby moon it became.
In short: Houston to Vancouver. Ferry to Victoria. Ferry to Seattle. Drive to Portland via Mount St Helens. Drive to Crater Lake via Columbia River Gorge. Drive to the Pacific. Then, casually trot down to San Fran. And let me just say, it was my favorite trip in the States. There will be so many Travel Thursdays coming from that trip.

So much happniess. Victoria is beautiful.

Crater Lake. There are actually no words.

Latourell Falls. One of so many beautiful spots along the gorge.

Two Baby showers!
So spoiled. A lovely afternoon tea at work. And a surprise shower and early thanksgiving from our adopted Texan family. We are so blessed to have a family a world away from our home.

Organizing a move in your Third Trimester.
Yeah, nah. Don't do it. Instead, enjoy little things. Like football. And donuts. This was a time of making the most of some of the things I love about America. Like football. And donuts.

Like donuts.

And football.

Little Man!
Our Texan family has been going through the pregnancy journey with us. And the bestest news... Little man decided to come two weeks early so we got to meet him! And spend a week with him. So happy and blessed to meet him.

Houston to Dubai. Dubai to Perth.
All I can say is that the other side of the world really is, the other side of the world. So far. So, so far. But having best friends waiting for you at the other end is rad. With a capital R.

Dude, we are kind of homeless.
Well, not really I suppose. We have a hotel for a month. But this baby mama has been waiting to nest for 7 months. Someone get me a house. Stat.

Wow. 29.
Is it me or did 29 years go pretty fast? Hmmm. Pretty happy about the way my 29th year has gone. Let's see how year 30 will be!

Sophie got in some great Happy Birthday kicks.

The view from my birthday lunch. I don't hate it here, not at all.

We have a house! And a thermomix!
Cue cleaning, building idea furniture, trips to the department store, trying to rest but really sucking at it, listening to the house noises, wondering whether we will be murdered or if it's just the house, scrubbing the bath, taking baths, chatting to Sophie, seeing our lovely friends, hoping for the temperatures not too get too high, being happy when temperatures stayed under 35, sulking when they got higher. And oh the thermomix. So much happiness in one machine.

It's like all the things I imagined and pinned and plotted suddenly started coming to life. So much relief, glee, excitement and aqua. I believe its a pregnancy thing.Can't wait to do a "nursery tour" and share where I got all the pretty things from.

I just love her Moses Basket.

This makes me happy.

Yes. This Ikea hack is my favorite thing ever.

Baby Shower.
I really have the bestest friends. So lucky. So lovely. Vintage woodland themed amazingness.

The origami garland.

Liz makes the cutest cupcakes.

The lead up to Christmas was mostly spent distracting myself from the upcoming delivery. So I made lots of Christmas decorations and tried to rest up. Christmas away from home is always hard. I was up anyway so I skyped my family at 4 am so I could watch my wee nephew open his presents. Totally worth it! Christmas Day itself was spent with our dear friends celebrating a special ladies birthday and enjoying the sunshine.

These lovely angels were a Pinterest win indeed.

You know when you nail something that you didn't have a pattern for? Very stoked!

Our lovely treeling.

Garland wall in all its loveliness.

Baby watch - two solid weeks of contractions mean we are just waiting for her to pop out (that's totally how it works right?). One day they will last more than a few hours and then it will be game on. For now it's a perching on the birth ball and waiting kind of game.

New Years!
Party animals. Well except not! More resting and wondering if all these contractions would lead to a baby born at 12:01 on January first. Nope! She's still there.

So that's us, all up to date! Its been lovely catching up with you guys! And I'm sorry. I guess I totally went over the 5 word mark.


  1. All caught up!!! It's been an über busy last 20 weeks that's for damn sure! Before you know it she will be in the outside and you will be missing that bump.

    1. Isn't time so weird - I can't believe its all nearly done! I can only imagine how crazy the next few weeks will be!


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