Thursday, 8 January 2015

Travel Thursday - 2014 in a Suitcase

Well it was a big year.. I'm not sure if there were more or less miles clocked up than 2014 but it sure felt like we did a lot. Here are some highlights!

In January we were in New Zealand, finishing off our Christmas trip with family. We saw some beautiful spots - some new to us which made for some super fun exploring, and some that were familiar and lovely - which going home should be all about.

The view down to West End, Ohope.

February was our first (and unfortunately) only trip to New Orleans. But it was a goodin! We had an epically long drive there (Mardi Gras traffic) over what can only be described as amazing stretches of swamp and bayous. Like, stunningly beautiful landscape. Our friends had found us an awesome place in the French Quarter, and we had such a blast partying at Mardi Gras and eating amazing food. If we get a chance again I would love to go back and spend more time there. Plus we definitely would love to do a swamp tour. There is something so eerily beautiful about the area. 

A collection of floats from the Endymion parade.

In March we had a long weekend away at a beautiful ranch, about an hour out of Houston. Our friends chose a beautiful weekend to get married at an unbelievable spot. The bluebells were blooming early and the fields were so lush and green, the opposite of so many views you see in Texas.

I loved exploring the ranch early in the morning before anyone was up.

At the beginning of April we had a long weekend away with our Texan Family down on Galveston Island. It was beautiful and we had so much fun being at the coast. Being kiwis we missed the beach a lot living in Houston.

You have to fly kites while you stay at the beach right?
Our trip to San Antonio in April happened to coincide with a month long festival called Fiesta, which, if you can ever go to is such a blast! One of my favorite events was a massive food event which featured a large selection of foods from all the countries which played a role in the settling of various towns in Texas. French food, Spanish food, Mexican food, German food, so much good food. Nom nom nom. And we got to smash confetti eggs on each other's head and wear the resulting mess. So much fun! 

Our favorite thing- the cascarones.

I had a work trip to Utah and Colorado in May, which, although it was a bummer that Rob wasn't there, was an awesome trip. I got to hang with my best friend and that piece of the world is just stunning. Oh, and I got to get my rock geek on.

The Grand Arch in Arches National Park.
Later in the month we took a rad road trip with Liz through the Hill Country and to Austin. We swam in Jacobs well, an awesome Pinterest find! Plus we got to explore an amazing cave - with no name!

Jacob's Well was so worth the mission to find it!

Robs favorite place in the US is, hands down, New York. We planned a longer trip for our second time. We had a couple of nights in Times Square and four nights in the East Village. We saw a bunch of things we had missed our first time around, and couldn't help re-exploring some of our favorite spots. We were stoked to see an amazing vista from the Top of the Rock, both on a beautiful morning, and at night - amazing!

Classic, classic view.

After, we took a fun road trip across Manhattan, through Jersey State and into Pennsylvania to Dutch Country. Most people head that way to learn about the Amish way of life and eat caramels. But me, I'm just a nutcase who makes friends with people on the Internet and drives across three states to meet them. Haha and we are so glad we did! Meeting Laurie and her beautiful family was awesome!

Amish Jams. Nom nom nom.

We spent the Fourth of July at a beach house with our Texan Family on Galveston Island. There was fireworks, sand, sun, food and even a crazy water spout to finish off the weekend. An excellent independence weekend if ever there was one.


My true highlight for travel in America, was our two week trip to the Pacific North West in September.


We arrived in Vancouver and had a couple of days to explore. Caught a ferry to Victoria and just fell in love with Vancouver Island. Ferried to Seattle and Rob got to grab a coffee at the original Starbucks. Seattle was beautiful and I could totally settle there one day! We began an epic road trip which took us past Mount Saint Helens, into Portland, along the Columbia River Gorge, up to Mount Hood and then up to Crater Lake. We then drove across to California and out to the coast. We had four days in San Fran to end. It was easily my favorite trip while we were living in the States, and it truly was just stunning! 
Dude, seriously? Beautiful.

October marked our last month in the States, we took one more trip to Austin and had an awesome few days at the ACL festival. The weather was amazing and hot and it was just a blast.

We left Houston early November, and moved to Perth in Western Australia. I think for now we are happy to put the suitcases away for a wee while as we welcome little one into the world. But we spend a lot of time talking about our next set of adventures, and what places we want to take little Sophie to. And for now it's fun to look through the photos. Every now and then one of us will say "hey remember that cafe in Seattle where the dude..." Or, "do you remember listening to this song when we went across the Pennsylvania border?".

City Beach, Perth

I can't believe we got to see and do so many beautiful things! Such a good year, and so many fun adventures. Feeling so lucky and blessed to have had such a year.  


  1. perth is so gorg - i can't wait to visit there someday! and isn't seattle just great? i could totally live there too. you did lots last year! this year will sure to be filled with many more adventures!

    1. Perth really is beautiful. I can't wait to share some more photos. And yeah, I loved Seattle, and the idea of living somewhere that snows! It's crazy ti think we did all that, I think this years adventures might be slightly different lol

  2. You really made the most of your time here! And that's saying something seeing as you were incubating a child for most of the last year! I loved our visit! Totally out of my usual activities and it was fun! Minus any morning sickness. Yuck.

    1. I'm quite impressed with ourselves actually lol we did jam a lot in. And dude I had so much fun! I wish we lived closer and could hang out more - especially now wine is a closer possibility :p

  3. What an incredible year - and 2015 is going yo be full of an entirely new adventure!!
    Ps. Jacobs Well looks incredible!

    1. It really was, and this year will be so different! Very happy lady : ) Jacobs Well was rad, I can't wait to get the photos up! xo

  4. What a wonderful year of adventures you had. I'd love to visit Vancouver, it looks so picturesque. Enjoy your little bundle. The fun part is dreaming up your next adventure and making the plans. Thanks for joining in my #wednesdaywanderlust link party. I'm sure you will have plenty of amazing travel stories to share with us all over the coming weeks.

    1. I was stoked to find your blog, and I love the link up :) Yep, Vancouver was amazing, and a life long dream, so I was pretty excited!

  5. What a year of travel you have had - I am envious.
    Though you will find living here in WA whilst having a wide range of beautiful scenery, it takes a long time (and often with cost to match) to get anywhere - but don't let that stop you travelling, it just takes a bit more planning.

    1. Hi Sally,
      Thank you, we really had a great time. I cannot wait to explore more of WA. I especially want to travel around the south western coast, the photos from there are unbelievable!

  6. Wow, you are so well traveled . Perth and WA was my favourite road trip holiday ever , we spent 10 weeks mostly exploring the coastline from Shoal Bay (Monkey Mia) right down to Albany and across the Esperance.
    I want to go back soon.

    1. Thank you! I have been to Monkey Mia once and I fell in love with it. I just adore it up there. I have never been to Esperance, but would love to make the trip down there. We might have to bundle baby up in the car and take a mission down there!


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