Thursday, 19 February 2015

Travel Thursday: Sunrise along the Seine

Oh how I want to go back to Paris... I have said so many times on this blog. I just love Paris.

A lot of people don't rate travel to Paris in November. But, I love Paris in November. It's a bit cold and grey. But it just feels so much more Parisian that way. Does that make sense? I love the crisp mornings and the Autumn leaves whipping past. The chilly mornings, warmed up with chocolat and mittens. Seeing your breath in front of you as you watch the currents in the Seine swish by and crunch into that baguette.

Here are some shots from a particularly crisp, beautiful and clear Autumn morning in Paris.



  1. ah what lovely photos of paris! i can't believe i still haven't been there. swoon. thanks for the mid-week pretty

  2. These pictures are everything just gorgeous !!!

  3. I want to go to Paris even more now! I'm totally researching to see what it would cost to stay for a week or two (and if I could do a few wedding photoshoots, I'd be set!) because I've wanted to go to Paris for ages. I completely get what you mean by it feeling more Parisian in the autumn!
    Beautiful pictures!


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