Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Two months in... Cloth Nappies!

If you recall, in my final weeks of pregnancy I blogged about my cloth nappy anxiety. I say anxiety but it was more aimed at joking how my very pregnant mind stressing about anything I could focus on. Well, its been two months, and lots of people have been asking how I am finding them so here is an update!

First of all, well there was no need to stress because I love using them! Sophie has been in them since she was 2 weeks old. My biggest piece of advice about cloth nappies would be - they are only nappies - it really isn't a big deal. Once you get a system sorted they are the easiest thing ever.

What Sophie Wears

When we first started using them she was in Charlie Banana XS, Bumgenius NB and XS. She has just outgrown them (at 2 months) and is now in "one size" (OS) nappies from Pea Pods, Designer Bums, Little Angels, and Baby Trenz.

Sophie's first day in cloth nappies at two weeks old. These are BumGenius in XS.

Looking very small - in a pair of XS FuzziBunz

One of her first smiles in XS Charlie Bananas.

Her first time in OSFA nappies, these are Pea Pods. She wore both newborn and the onesize for awhile, but was in the OS pairs solely from 2 months.

In a OS soft minky pair from Baby Trenz.

One of my favorite patterns, strawberries from Little Angel nappies.

My other favorite pattern - a OS pair from Designers Bums!

We have been using cloth wipes from Marleys Monsters on Etsy. I am super happy with how they have worked out, and am happy not to be coating babes butt in chemicals every time we wipe!  

Our Nappy "Process"

When Soph needs a change we use cloth wipes. We spray the wipe with a homemade solution and do what needs to be done. 

The cloth and the nappy go straight into the nappy bag. I use a wet bag in a stainless steel pedal bin. The bag and bin act as a dry pail.

Every third morning the bag gets emptied into the washing machine, and then the bag is chucked in too.

The washing cycle is as follows, 
Rinse x 2 - 17 minutes
Daily cycle at 60 deg C plus EcoStore laundry powder - 55 minutes
Rinse and spin x 2 - 29 minutes 
Then they are hung outside in the sun all day - the sun takes out any stains in the fabric. 

Our drying rack - its amazing what the sun does to marks!

Do you use cloth wipes? Are you considering using them? What is your wash system? I would love to hear any tips you have?


  1. Wow even cloth wipes!! Who knew? Sounds like an easy enough system to me. Although maybe you need Australian sun to remove any stains. ;)

    1. Haha thats what a friend from New Zealand said too! It does help that we literally have had less than one day of rain since we got here in November!!


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