Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Two Months with our Poppet

Well. Sophie is two months old. Our lives have changed forever more! We are the very blessed and very proud parents of a sweet, smart and funny baby. 

Somehow the days have run into one another and we are already thinking where has time gone. 

Here is a run down of how it's all been.

Sophie's labor began spontaneously at 41 weeks, a relief as she was due to be induced a few days later. The labor was pretty smooth until the fibroids began to get very painful and back labor started. An epidural wasn't in our plans but we are very glad we made the choice to get one. I labored for 16 hours at which point the midwife suggested I try a practice push. Four minutes later Sophie was born. A squirmy and screaming little bundle with a smoodgy little face. She had a meconium birth which was quite stressful but all in all (and compared to so many others) my experience was pretty smooth and straight forward. 

We went home the next day in 38 degree heat (100 F) and the first task was to give her a wee wash and cool her down!

The next week was a steep and tiring learning curve. All the books and websites I had read and researched on really didn't prepare me for the post partum period. Luckily we had Mum with us to help us out and support us for the first week. Having her here was a huge relief and gave us kind of a confidence boost. And I will say, no matter how tired I was, rolling over and seeing Soph always bought a smile to my face!

We went into the birth hoping that breastfeeding would work out for us and we feel both happy and lucky that it is going well. The first week was sore and a challenge but she is a natural. And man, what an eater! She is chubbing out so well! 

We had Robs Mum stay with us for three weeks which was so great. The visit worked out to be at the same time that I got mastitis so it was a massive relief to have an extra hand while I was wiped out. 

Before we knew it four weeks, then five, six, seven and eight had passed since she was born. She has put on a couple of kilos since she was born and is getting longer and longer! She is nearly to big for her Moses basket now!

She is currently in 3 month sized clothing - her newborn clothes are long gone (in a box on the way to New Zealand for her cousin who is expected any day now!). 

She is getting much stronger and is itching to get in a walker or a jolly jumper. She is so nearly ready to hold her head up! Setting a schedule is something we are working on, for now her mornings and evenings are set and we just kind of try and be flexible. We have found that the second we say something is a definite that she mixes things up and surprises us. 

At two months these are Sophie's favorite things!
Morning cuddles and bottle with Dad (while Mum sleeps!)
Boobs - she's all about the milk
Her IKEA jungle gym play thing
The colorful quilt that Grandma made for under her play mat
Her All Black kiwi who plays the Haka from Nan
Warm shower with Mummy in the evening during her "witching hour"


  1. Four minutes! Rock star!! And Rob is able to give a bottle now!? I am very envious. She is a dear and I'm so glad things are all working out for you guys! You've got this!!!


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