Monday, 13 April 2015

A Day In the Life of Us. And our Bebe

A few weeks ago I was taking a look back at old posts, and came across this one - a day in the life of ... It seems like a life time ago! Major changes are obvious I guess, like an addition of a newborn! And moving from Texas to Australia, and being on maternity leave rather than being at work. But I wonder how much has really changed...

7:44 am 
Rob brings in Sophie for a feed in bed with me. This is a very happy time in our day. She will cuddle up and have a drink, Rob and I chat and talk about how she fed during the night, and how she was for him during the 'morning shift'. While I keep feeding, Soph Rob makes us breakfast. Yum.

8:10 am
Soph has fallen asleep on the boob. This means I get to eat a hot breakfast in one go - doesn't happen very often haha.  We eat, drink tea, chat about plans for the day.

Breakfast, scrambled eggs with LSA, pear and a cup of tea

8:30 am
Nappy day - put the naps on for a rinse. Then, pump and get the boob milk into a bottle for a morning feed tomorrow and the excess goes into a tray and frozen for when I return to work.

9 am
Sophie is awake, time for a change and a feed. And the naps have a hot wash.

9:20 am
Play time with Sophie on her mat. Random rap playlists on Pandora. Heck, I haven't done pelvic floor exercises today! Okay remember to do them later.

I eat a lot at this point. Plums and walnuts.

She figured out the side twisty know thing!

10 am
Time to start the sleeping process for Sophie. Robs turn. Oh and nappies need a final rinse. Oh and the bottles and pump parts need a wash. Gah, still haven't done PFE's today. Later, I shall do them later.

10:20 am
She is asleep. Yes. Shower time. A cup of tea. Hang out nappies in the sun. Contemplate doing some push ups. Contemplate writing a blog post. Contemplate defrosting bones to finally make that bone broth. Decide to have a cup of tea and rest instead. 

She is the sweetest little sleeper (when she decides to sleep haha)

11 am
Sophie is stirring. Shit that was a short nap. Should we go in or wait.

11:30 am
Okay she's awake now. Change and feed. 

12 pm
Rob is off to Crossfit, so Sophie and I head out for a walk. I use all my inner strength to not stop for cake and coffee. Remember - Saturday is cake day! Walking past post office - and remember I haven't finished thank you cards yet. Shit. Consider hiring card writer. Actually, double shit, I never wrote those thank you cards for the wedding. That was two years ago. Dammit. Wow, a chick just skate boarded past me while pushing a stroller. Tell Sophie that that baby has a cooler Mum than her. Sophie looks at me shocked, clearly I am the coolest Mum around. Or maybe that's wind. Who knows.

1 pm
Get home and put lunch on. Soph has fallen asleep a few minutes from home. Bonus. 

1:30 pm
She's awake! Feed and cuddles and then play time on her sheepskin with her Dad.

She learned to turn herself over by gripping her play gym. 
Watching her learn is AMAZING.

2 pm
Lunch is ready. And Soph is overtired, and it's my turn to put her down. I read a book to her and give her a cuddle. Place her in the crib and leave the room. A few minutes later she's crying so I give it a couple and then go back in and cuddle with her till she's drowsy. Pop her back in the crib and walk out. She starts crying. I guess be it a couple of minutes and I'm just about to get back in when it falls quiet. A sneak to he door show she's asleep. Woohoo! Progress! 

2:40 pm
Eat cold but yummy lunch. Cup of tea with Rob. Chat about my walk and his workout. Pump time again and watch a taped episode of Eggheads. See who knows the most answers (or can guess best). Today's episode goes to him. We will see who conquers tomorrow sir.

3:20 pm
Consider making some raw balls for snacks. Consider doing that blog post. Consider those push ups. But Sophie is awake again. Rob changes her and I feed her. Spend a lovely half an hour with the two of them on the mat playing and cooing. Happy days. But gah, it's sleep time again. 

This little munchkin. My goodness!

How is she starting to teeth akready? 
She is still getting the hang of the ring haha. 
Mostly she just licks it for now!

4:10 pm 
Robs turn to put Soph to sleep. His method involves listening to Wu Tan Clan. And bloody hell it works! I bring in the nappies and other washing, get it folded and put the nappies together.

4:50 pm
That was a short nap. We are now entering the "witching hour". Otherwise known as scream time. Our current way of trying to avoid the screams starts with a warm bath with Mama while Rob cooks dinner. 

5:30 pm
Cuddles with Mama and Daddy on the bed while in the cutest hooded towels. Feed time. This is when I try and feed her to sleep. I know it's against the "rules" but I don't mind doing it at night time, to me it seems like the normal thing to do.

6:10 pm
Eat dinner over poppet while she drinks. Yes, I just dropped a bit of broccoli on her. Whoops. Oh, she's drifting....

6:30 pm
Nope she's awake and pissed off. Cue an hour of shhhhing and swaying and attempted putting into bed and rewaking and cuddling and shhhhing. You get the point.

8 pm
Asleep at last. Rob and I crash on the couch and watch an episode of Sopranos.

9 pm
And I'm in bed, watching Soph sleep for a little while. Then I'm out.

11:34 pm
First night feed. Always the hardest to not snooze in. Finally an opportune time to make the most of pelvic floor exercises lol. Change Sophie and then feed her in the rocking chair in the nursery. Burp her and put her back to sleep. Hope she doesn't wake back up. Go back to sleep myself.

2:38 am
Second night feed. Try and take mental image of how sweet this munchkin is. Gosh I love her. Start tearing up. Remind myself it's nearly 3 am, no time for crying, get some sleep lady.

4:00 am
Third night feed.I am at zombie point. But man she's cute.

6:30 am
Sophie wakes up fresh as a button. Rob gets up, hes on baby duty after 5 am. He gets her up, changes her, feeds her and has cuddles.

And it's the start of another day!

Well. It's a lot different from my last "day in the life of" post. It's amusing that in that post I got up at 4:30 am by choice haha. A friend of mine recently asked if I get bored during the day. I really don't think I have time to??

- Our day in numbers -

24 hours
9 nappy changes
10 feeds
3 loads of washing 
12 cups of tea 
2 very happy parents 
1 super cute and funny 2 month old 


  1. Yay survived the day
    And Sophie you are pretty lucky you are cute lol

    1. Hehe the cuteness helps with the lack of sleep.

  2. I love these posts!!! I actually have one scheduled for this week! Lol great minds. I love how you two take turns and work together so well! You've got this locked down! And please I nurse Dom to sleep all the time. Screw the rules. He's my last baby and before you know it he won't want me. Lol it's amazing how you can fill up the day isn't it? Doesn't take much. When do you go back to work?

    1. Thats so funny! You inspired me for the original one - I was going to ask you if you would do another one for now - I am curious how it all goes now with all the changes in your house! Yes - thats what I figure, time is flying, I want to cuddle her! Oh boo, I go back at the beginning on June. It is coming up WAY too fast :(

    2. Oh it's too soon. Toooo soon. And life with three is more of the same... Just takes longer to get out of the house. Lol

  3. Hahaha, this is brilliant!!! Love how often things are 'considered', soon to be discarded :P I wish I could tell you that improves....but something always comes along to fill in any gaps :) xx

    1. Thanks! Haha I consider doing things so often - I rarely actually get them done though lol

  4. Such a great day! Love reading these. :)

    1. It was! A busy day but so many smiles : )


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