Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Cloth Nappies - the Essentials

So you are considering going with cloth nappies... What else do you need to get a system set up? Well, here is what I recommend. It always helps to see how others do it. I think anyway :P

Pail - Personally, I use a dry pail. I do NOT like the idea of a big wet yuck mess fermenting in babes room or in the laundry. Plus, its easier. We have a large stainless steel pedal bin with a pail liner in it. Every now and then I air out the pail between washes, and sometimes use a drop or two of tea tree oil in it to freshen it up.

Pail liner - I recommend Planet Wise - arrgghh they are so good. I got a couple online when I was in the States. And they are worth the money. For several reasons. Firstly, they don't leak, so you don't need to constantly clean out your pail. Secondly, they make the whole process easier, because you can empty the bag into the washing machine and chuck the bag in too. And they dry easily. Definitely stoked that I found these. Oh, and they come in cute colors haha. My tip, is get two. That way, while one is being washed, the second one can be in the pail, collecting naps.

Wet bag - If you want to leave the house, these are the practical and eco-friendly way of storing a used nappy till you get home. I have heaps, as each of my Pea Pods came with one. If your nappies don't come with one, you can always buy them online from most nappy companies.

Wipes - I have already mentioned that I use cloth wipes. It started mostly just because its easier to have one spot that the nappies and wipes go into. It streamlines the process so to speak. Then, when she was a newborn I used some of the packet wipes that we were gifted. And eww they were so strong smelling and so full of chemicals. Now I am really glad we use the cloth wipes. I got mine from Marley's Monsters on Etsy.

Spray bottle - gotta wet that butt somehow right?

Bum wipe goo - there are sooo many different solutions you can look up on Pinterest. Here is whats in mine:
3 drops of lavender oil
3 drops of tea tree oil
1 C coconut oil
1 C water
3 drops of eco friendly baby body wash

Hanging pegs - you know those things that hang and have all the little hanging pegs? They make the drying of the cloth wipes WAY easier.

Strip Wash - I haven't used ours yet, but I have read its pretty essential to get old detergent out of the fabric. 

Clothes Horse - I think this is a super handy way to dry your nappies. When the weather is nice it can stay outside, and if the weather gets crap you just bring them in. You can fit a lot onto it, and it folds up and doesn't take any space up. I would definitely recommend one of these.

 An indoor, outdoor solution - super easy!

Onesie extenders - we use "Onesie Bummsies" - while the idea of using onesie extenders wasn't totally up my street, they are much more a) economical and b) practical than Sophie growing out of onesies early because of the size of cloth nappies. Now that we have the extenders we use them most days, it's just easier that way!

 Extenders in action

Laundry powder - some people recommend special nappy or diaper detergents, but I just use plain old eco-friendly washing powder. And I have no complaints.

Sprayer Thing - Um, so I don't have one of these but lots of people swear by them. Let me know if use one - I would love to hear what you think. 


Hmmm... Am I missing anything? I can't think. I feel like I have covered all the extra little things. I am sure as soon as I press publish I will think of something else haha. Do you cloth diaper? Is there anything extra you need on hand to help out with the nappies?


  1. Wow. I feel so overwhelmed. And yet educated.

    1. Haha you always make me feel good :P


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