Monday, 20 April 2015

Crazy for Coconuts

Seriously, I am a coconut fiend. The weird thing about my newish love for this is - a year ago I couldn't stand anything remotely coconutish - even chocolate with it in!

I feel the need to share how awesome this stuff is! For some factual info on just how good it is, you can google it. But, here is my list of fifty* uses for mighty coconut oil. 

Moisturizer - I use it every day on my body and face. Chemical free moisture!

Chap stick - and it doesn't matter if you end up eating it.

Hair treatment - once a week before a wash, helps keep hair soft and shiny.

Cuticle treatment - when my hands get dry the oil fixes it up.

Cracked heels - especially good with some Peppermint oil.

Dry elbows - a quick shot of moisture.

Pregnant belly - I used it every day on my belly, not to avoid stretch marks but to keep the skin nice and moisturised and prevent that itchy pregnant belly.

Breastfeeding - dude, this worked WAY better for me than Lanolin based creams. That first few weeks when your nipples feel like they have been up against a grater (eww and ouch) the only thing that worked for me was the coconut oil.

Nappy rash - for babes tush.

Cradle cap - I use this on Sophie's head and give her a little scalp massage. Then after I wash it out it causes any bebe dandruff or crud to lift off. And she loves having her head rubbed.

Wipe solution - I use this for wetting babe's butt with the cloth wipes.

Coffee - Rob has a teaspoon of oil in his coffee each morning.

Salad dressing - use as the oil instead of canola or olive.

Scrambled eggs - I eat my scrambled eggs with coconut oil and LSA. The coconut replaces the butter.

Cooking - To replace the fat in a recipe, or to fry with. It smells delish when cooking!

Raw balls - Rob and I both use it in raw ball recipes, his is a standard raw ball, and mine is a lactation recipe.

Chocolate - paleo chocolate made with rice syrup and raw cacao - so good!

Green smoothie - add a spoon to make the smoothie more satiating.

Fifty* hmmm I didn't count. You can if you want. Fifty seems to sound way better than twelve or twenty seven or fourty four right? 


  1. So many great uses! I love the fractionated kind, I need to try the solid!

    1. It's awesome huh?! Ours is normally liquid but it is slowly cooling down here so its starting to firm up :)


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