Friday, 3 April 2015

Life Lately

I can't even. Shes just the cutest! 
And how cute is this pattern?! 
We just won this from Designer Bums - I love their nappies!

Sophie meeting babies at Mothers Group!

Our shipment from the States finally arrived, which means...
The return of zoodles!

You might laugh..
While I don't expect a two month old to learn the alphabet, she loves colorful pictures - so why not?

After getting ALL the sweet cravings during my pregnancy I now look forward to my green smoothie in the afternoon to get me through.

Sunday mornings mean hot mochas, a napping babe and a trip to the vegetable markets.
I try and take a walk with Soph each day, I love finding colorful new gems each time!

If you ever think your kid can't get any cuter, put them in a bath.


  1. Well life is looking pretty darn amazing I would say! And if any child will learn her letters early it would definitely be your child!

    1. You know what? It really does feel pretty amazing right now. I feel all sorts of levels of blessed! I especially feel so lucky that I get this time with Rob and Sophie! x


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