Friday, 10 April 2015

Life Lately

I love the library my Mama bought over for Sophie - this is one of my favorites. A Kiwi version of Three Little Pigs. So, so funny!

Little one passed out from a day of shopping in town. 
Her little sweetie from Live Sweet shop is keeping her company.

I love Sophie's nursery. Which is a good thing - I spend a lot of time there in the middle of the night!

I found a bunny for some Easter photos with Soph - they turned out so well for a quickie job!

One of the benefits of us being home together is being able to share meal duties and Sophie watching. It means lots of yummy healthy meals.

Sophie has started teething already - its pretty funny watching her learn to gnaw on teething rings.

I love that frangipanis are associated with tropical islands. 
Yet here in Perth they grow randomly in yards and parks!


  1. Oh to have lovely flowers like that just growing around!!! It's crazy how early the babies start teething!!

    1. Its pretty trippy - especially when they are just laying around in the dirt :s I had no idea it was this early! I was like what the hell? Little dribble bub that she is haha


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