Friday, 17 April 2015

Life Lately

Our new cookbook - already in love with a bunch of the recipes!

The view on Good Friday - love Perth autumn!

I ate all of this giant freckle. And it was amazing. Thus concludes the story of this chocolate.

Pensive baby is pensive.

Teething has started. But we are still learning the ins and out.
Such as, what do we do with this haha.

And she can spin it herself. So proud!



I LOVE kombucha, and this is one of my current favorites.

Smoothie prep. I need those greens for all this breast feeding I am doing.

Soph is doing much better with her naps. 
But normally there is a nap every couple of days she won't settle for, so wrapping really helps. 
I want to wear her ALL the time - I love it.

Mum and bub selfie.

Mamas afternoon off! Vintage dresses, cowboy boots and champagne.


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    1. Lol you are going to laugh at me. Its a fermented drink that comes from like a fungi mushroom goo hahaha I am laughing at myself as well :P


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