Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Paleo Lactation Raw Balls

That's quite the mouthful y'all!

A lovely lady in my Mother's Group bought in some lactation cookies a couple of weeks ago. I couldn't make it that day, but when I heard, I thought yum. I wanted to try these magical cookies that boost your milk production, unfortunately, most of these aren't Paleo.. So I got experimenting!

From what I can see, the main ingredients to boost your milky, are flaxseed, oats and brewers yeast. Now, I don't know if brewer's yeast is Paleo or not, but I know oats aren't. So here is what I used..

150 g raw nuts - I used 50 g almonds, 50 g cashews, 50 g walnuts 
150 g dates
50 g flaxseeds
2 T brewers yeast
40 g coconut oil
30 g cacao powder
dessicated coconut to roll

Blitz all ingredients together in some form of chopping machine. I use a Thermomix, my pal uses a Vitamix, any food processor like thing should work.
Roll in the coconut.
Store in freezer in BPA storage container or bag.

I used three types of nuts because they were in the cupboard. If you use just walnuts, the mixture will be wetter than if you use just almonds - you will need to lessen the amount of coconut oil you use.
The brewers yeast is strongly flavoured. I tried it with two tablespoons first and thought it tasted fine so I added one more. Choose the amount you would like.
The flaxseeds give the balls a chunkier texture, if you don't like this you could use flaxseed meal.
If you want your balls to be smoother (ahem!) then you can just blitz the nuts to a butter consistency first, then add everything else.

Let me know what you think? Do you use any other recipe to boost your supply? I'm happy with mine, but thought it was worth boosting since I am pumping for when I return to work.


  1. I tried making lactation cookies when I was nursing Asa (I don't remember the recipe, but they were Paleo), and I don't know if it helped or not. I really didn't know that along with eating the cookies and taking in more liquids, I should also have been nursing more often and pumping in between, so my milk supply completely dropped by 8 months (I wanted to nurse to a year.)
    This time around, though, I'm gathering up all of the tips and recipes like this that I can, in case it happens again when baby 2 comes around! I do not want to lose my supply again. So, if I do have issues again and I use these, I'll be letting you know in... heh, probably a year from now. ;) Bookmarking this recipe, though!

    1. Hey Kristina, it seems like you were able to keep up the milk for a long time, just not as long as your goal which like you say, can be really dissapointing. I guess everyone is different, but without changing anything else I have noticed an extra 100-200 ml in my pumped milk quantities each day (I feed her and pump through out the day), so hopefully this will keep you going! Not too long for you to go now, you look amazing! You suit pregnancy!!
      Sarah xx

    2. Yeah, eight months is better than nothing! We were heavily supplementing with bottles by eight months though, which probably didn't help my milk supply at all! But, you know, new mom, didn't know what else to do! I'm pretty prepared this second time around. ;)

      Thank you!

  2. I feel like this post needs Alec Baldwin. And if you and Rob don't know what I mean google Baldwin and ️Balls and SNL. These actuallyl don't sound half bad!

    1. Dude. Not only do I get the reference, I dig them schweddy balls. Yum! :P


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