Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Vintage Dress shopping in Perth

Y'all know I love Vintage dresses! I thought I would get a list together of all the sweet spots in Perth - I might do one for Houston too. But for now, here are all the places I know of, most of them I have shopped at several times, and a few shots of dresses from them.. Let me know if I have missed any of your favourites!

I have bought so many dresses here! It's hard to say no haha I once took 10 dresses in to the fitting room. And bought 6 of them.

A few years ago Liz, Tracey and I had an AMAZING shopping experience here. Between us we bought something like 15 dresses. One of my all time favourite dresses is from here.

My very first vintage dress was from this store! And they have the cutest treasures. So many neat finds. Love this shop.

Vintage Emporium - Maylands
I once saw a vintage dress here that would have been the cutest buzzy bee costume. True story. Liz got a dress here the other day that is one of the best vintage finds I have ever seen.

20th Century Vintage - Maylands 
So many good finds!

Broken Doll - Fremantle
Love this store. Got some cute dresses here before we moved to the States, and Liz got some epically cute vintage shorts here.

Vintage in Wonderland - Fremantle
Ahhhh. I love this store! So many cool dresses, and you can also rent the crazier ones for parties. And they do sewing and upcycling. I have bought several cute tops and dresses here.

I have bought from this store both in Fremantle, and at the Polka Dot Vintage Market. LOVE it. Also, the store has lots of bad ass jewellery.

A cup of tea and vintage clothing...? Yes please! I got the prettiest tapestry bag here. I love it.

Vinnies Retro Boutique
While I haven't bought any dresses here, I have tried on heaps, AND bought lots of scarves and accessories here. They also have a crazy costume appropriate range here.

And for the best round up of all things vintage -

Polka Dot Vintage Fair – and there is one coming up on Sunday! I cannot wait!


  1. So many dresses... So little time.

  2. I just love all your vintage dresses! So beautiful. :)

  3. I love your dresses - seriously, love them!! If you ever find anything similar in Hamilton or nearby, pleeeeease tell me!!! :D

    1. Thank you love! haha I definitely will - you will have to tell me if you find anywhere in H-town!


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