Wednesday, 20 May 2015

And then she was 4 months old

I have already said this so many times, but really, where does time go?
I think that during pregnancy all mothers should have to do a course in Mindfulness.
Cos you know, at 3 am when your baby is crying, and won't latch it seems to be going kinda slow.
But then suddenly babe gets to a milestone, and it's like, how fast did time just go?

We totally weren't organised enough to do comparison shots all set up nice and lovely.
But here are a few shots of how our baby is growing.

16 January

16 February

16 March

16 April

16 May

At four months,
Has a couple of teeth edges sticking through,
Loves to coo and aaahh and blow rasberries,
Loves to roll around without a nappy on,
Likes music to bop to,
Still loves milk and the boob like its going out of fashion,
Loves to look at photos with her Daddy,
Has moved from the capsule to the stroller when we go for walks,
Is currently feeding every two hours at night (Mama is tired y'all),
Loves to look in the mirror and touch her hand to its reflection,
Can hold her neck up on her belly and look around,
Loves cuddles in bed in the morning with Mama and Papa,
Had her first trip on a plane and was a real champ,
Is happy to have her neck up when we carry her around,
Is just the happiest and most patient kid,
She is most happy and vocal when she is with her grandparents or skyping with them.
 And. Well, I adore her.


  1. Wow. Months already? Time sure does fly. She is so adorable. ;-)

  2. She is way, way too cute! And I feel like you just had her. It's crazy how fast babies grow!

  3. Yay four months! And yes. Mindfulness. So hard. Third time around and I'm trying but I know I'm not succeeding. That's what pictures and this blog are for. Well. To help that.


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