Monday, 25 May 2015

Cloth Nappies - My Stash

Morning friends!
I have a diaper post for y'all today.
A lot of people have been asking about which nappies we use, so I thought I would share my stash.
I had around 20 sized nappies for when she was a newborn, all in XS. These were Charlie Banana, Fuzzibunz and BumGenius. But since then, we have gone entirely to "one size" nappies.

The stash currently consists of
22 x Pea Pods
1 x Charlie Banana
4 x Designer Bums
2 x Little Angels
2 x Baby Trenz
4 x handmade (gifted from friends)
6 x Babyland
6 x Nappy Flute
10 x Kushies (5 in infant size (too big for her right now) and 5 in toddler size)


You might notice that I have a whole lot on one kind and then a sprinkling of others. This is because I had PeaPods recommended to me, and just went with it. I am happy with them, but if I was to start my stash again I would get a few of a bunch of different brands and see how they all went. Just to spread it all out. I think it is probably best to not buy a huge amount of one brand before you try them, because if you aren't happy with them, you either have to get rid of them and start again, or, you are stuck with the choice. 
Also, when I first got into nappies, I didn't really understand how they worked. So, I bought all the bright colours and no pastels because I thought they might show stains (I know now that the shells don't get poo on them, and the pastels are actually really cute, so I would have bought more). 
Also also, it recently dawned on me that if we have more kids, we could have a boy, so I should start getting some more range in the colors haha.
Also also also, if you are wondering what I would buy next, it would be a multi-pack of Charlie Bananas or more Designer Bums.

And this is what happens to a nappy circle when you put a dancing infant in the middle haha


  1. Soooo many bright colors! Such a foreign concept!!!

    1. Haha pretty huh?! I was like, should I attempt a diaper rainbow.. hey why not?!

  2. Oh myyyyyy!! The colours!

    I love Charlie bananas, they are by far one of my faves. The ones I have are preloved ones, so would love some new ones. I have my eye on the peony blossom, dreamy and sweet cherries sets. I also consciously bought ours with next baby in mind and was quite conscious of not having a whole load of super girly nappies (although a few have slipped into our stash!)

    Faye x

    1. They are great hey Faye? I have one and had a bunch for her when she was newborn. And their patterns are dreamy! I didn't even think about having a boy until last week haha. Oh well, if we do he will have a very pretty butt : )

      Sarah xo

  3. Cloth nappies and pocket nappies are a sound alternative. Anytime we can reuse something instead of using it once and throwing it out, this is a good idea.
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