Friday, 8 May 2015

Life Lately

Loving all the new street art in Perth and the umbrellas set up for the festival in Mount Hawthorn.

Little one in her All Blacks outfit from her Nan.

Saturday afternoon in the park with Daddy.

Sophie had her first time on a swing this week.

This dress. Am I right?

Lizzy and I at the Mount Hawthorn Festival.

Argh. It has been so damn cold in our house this week. 
That means lots of cuddles in bed.
Also, Soph's night time has digressed masively back to 5 or 6 feeds a night this week. 
Mama be tired yo.

I cannot believe how fast she is growing!

This one. She was looking much like a garden gnome this morning.

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  1. Oh my god so all of a sudden I had like six posts from you on bloglovin! What gives! I'm sorry I have missed you my friend!!


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