Monday, 4 May 2015

Sorry Soph

Hey my sweet girl,

Here is a little note to say -

I'm sorry I laughed that time your beanie fell over your eyes and you were momentarily rendered blind-ish. It was pretty funny from an outside perspective.

I'm sorry I had that curry. I was just craving it so much. I promise, no more curries. Believe me, we both paid for that.

I'm sorry I won't stop tickling you. Even when it makes you grumpy. You laughed that one time, and damnit, I will tickle you till you laugh again.

I'm sorry I changed your nappy at 2 am on Tuesday. I know you hate it. And it makes your little batty cold. But I don't want you to get a soggy butt or nappy rash.

I'm sorry I didn't change your nappy at 2 am on Wednesday. Mama was really tired and you were fussing. I will put some cream on that tush.

I'm sorry I put socks on you when you were just born. They drove you crazy (and looked quite odd, in retrospect) - but those nails - so sharp baby girl!

I'm sorry I have to take you out of the bath. I would spend all day in a big bath with you if I could too kid. But there are other things in life, like naps and work. You win this one believe me.

I'm sorry I got ice cream sandwich on your face the other night. But to be fair I was balancing you, a taco, a drink, and my dessert. I also got covered in taco. I know how you feel.

I'm sorry I give you kisses all over your face and tickle your ears. I'm going to keep doing that until you can fight back. You kissable little poppet you.

I'm sorry I made you wear those baby costumes... I am sure one day we will look back on that photo of you as a football and laugh.

I'm sorry I spilled broccoli in your hair. And roast chicken. And sweet potato. Sometimes Mama wants to eat dinner too.

I'm sorry I dress you up in vintage dresses and take photos. But not really. You are adorable.

So, in summary, your Mama isn't perfect. But goodness me, I am madly in love with you kid.



  1. Oh I love this. They will laugh with us someday I'm sure. Haha. Hopefully? She is such a serious little thing! I love it!

    1. Haha she might laugh when she's old enough to have a wine with me :P

  2. Lol, you are sooo funny Sarah, and Soph looks really cute, except in the sock photo where she does not look amused at all hahaha. I can't wait to meet her and discover her personality. Iris thinks she looks a lot like Rob. Please say hi to Rob for me. Chur.

    1. Haha poor girl, her Mum is a bit of a nutcase! I can't wait for the two of you to meet her! But we are glad to hear from you and glad you were out of the dangerzone last week. Very scary. Thinking of y'all, hope you are having an amazing time xo

  3. Love this! It is just the sweetest. :)

    1. Hehe thank you.. I was worried I would come across as a borderline shitty mother, but luckily no complaints yet :P

  4. Haha I'm sure Sydney can relate to Sophie! We can only get away with these things for so long before they grow up! :( Love this post!!

    1. Lol if only babies had support groups to talk about tummy time and all the other rough baby stuff :P
      Thanks hun xo


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