Thursday, 7 May 2015

Travel Thursday: Burn's Beach, Australia

In my last few weeks of being pregnant I was getting very restless - but very tired. One morning we decided to mission up to Burn's Beach to explore a little. Sometimes just having a little break when you are house bound like that can make all the difference. Isn't this a beautiful spot? It was so peaceful and calm. Sophie was kicking away in my belly while we took a short wander through the sand. It was well warm at that point, so it was lovely to cool my toes down in the water.

And that water. Isn't the color just stunning?


  1. You know that water is amazing to me. My fav color ever. And I just noticed you have a new header and sidebar titles!? Love love love!!!

    1. Kind of amazing aye? Im like, why don't we go there every day :P
      Thank you!! I am so proud of myself! I bought a clip art set from Etsy, and put it all together on picmonkey.. I am SOOOO happy with it! x


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